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I have been training with Cassie Phillips since February 2011 at the Libertyville Sports Complex in Libertyville,IL. New to working out, with only a few weeks of previous training under my belt, Cassie welcomed me to her class with open arms.  I remember my first day of Basic Training. As the crowd gathered outside of the group fitness room, Cassie came right up to me and introduced herself. I shared that I had worked with a personal trainer for the last 6 weeks, recently quit smoking, and needed help improving my overall health and lifestyle.  Without hesitation, Cassie took me under her wing. I began attending her classes two or more days a week. She has been consistently attentive, encouraging, focused, present, involved, and supportive, and has a genuine interest in the well- being of everyone who attends her classes. She not only has been a trainer, but a friend and role- model.

Cassie puts an amazing amount of time, effort and detail into her work outs. The routines are always different and challenging. She encourages working out at your own level, and always suggests modifications. I have never left a class feeling underworked. Needless to say, I am in the best shape of my life!

I’d recommend Cassie to anyone looking for a dedicated, knowledgeable, caring trainer who takes pride in what she does. She has made a positive impact on my life, and I don’t know where I would be without her. She makes me excited to work out with her every time!


I have been fortunate to train with Cassie Phillips for 4 years which has helped me maintain an active lifestyle into my 40’s. She always has a well prepared and challenging workout that appeals to people of all fitness levels. Cassie has a natural ability to connect with her clients and creates a fun and open atmosphere in her workouts. As a fitness industry professional for nearly 19 years, I’ve been privileged to observe and work directly we several trainers and I consider Cassie to be a very special talent. I would strongly recommend Cassie to anyone who is interested in improving their general health or increasing their fitness level.


Being fit clearly isn’t easy, considering the number of people that are struggling with themselves and their weight everyday. I have had a long battle with my own fitness and health that has been long and bumpy. As a teenage girl, self image is immensely vital and I would say that my self-esteem in regards to my body, has always been shaky and easily destroyed. I’ve always been an active person, but strictly working out seemed to be impossible to keep consistent. I would do great for a few weeks and then my schedule would pick up or I would just give up. I met Cassie about 3 years ago through my Dad, who had been taking her Basic Training class at Libertyville Sports Complex. He would come home from working out and rave about the class and the teacher and how great of a workout it was. I was of course intimidated and had no interest in submitting myself to what sounded like minor torture. My dad dragged me to class one week and from then on out, I was been hooked. In high school, going to Cassie’s Tuesday night Basic Training Class was permanently on my weekly calendar. I found myself struggling in the beginning, but after weeks of attendance, I did 50 pushups. A small feat to some, but to me, an amazing achievement on my yardstick. I kept going and so did several others. The people in Cassie’s class, with the help of Cassie’s welcoming heart, became my “workout family.” When someone didn’t show up to class one week, we worried. This amazing environment is the best environment to workout in. Instead of comparing myself to other people in the class negatively because they were so much stronger or faster, Cassie encouraged us to use the people around us as competition and motivation to go as fast as they were.

I had never looked at working out in this way. I used to look around and feel badly about myself because I was only using 5 lb. weights while others were using 8 or 10 pound weights. Cassie’s method truly clicked and I challenged myself to increase my strength and slowly work up to those heavier weights.

When I went off to college, my weight and fitness were definitely a concern. The Freshmen 15 was always daunting and was obviously something I wanted to avoid. Without even asking her to, Cassie sent me emails and text messages periodically to check in and make sure I was doing well. When my health declined because of a harder semester, I came to Cassie for help. Cassie wrote workouts for me that were similar to her classes that I had fallen in love with that I could do in my dorm room. She gave me suggestions for healthier food and snacks. Cassie encouraged me to make a vision board to stay motivated. All of this extra work came from her heart and passion for health and fitness. Cassie doesn’t teach workout classes or do personal training because she herself wants to benefit, she does it because she genuinely cares about the people around her.

Through the years, Cassie has gone from teaching that one Tuesday night class to teaching a Thursday class as well as a Saturday class and every single week, the room is full. We are packed in and working out together, not because the time is convenient, but because of the person standing at the front of the room. Her heart is endless and her vivacious attitude is contagious. I always feel better after leaving one of Cassie’s crazy workouts, no matter how sore I am going to be the next day.

Cassie has become a great friend of my family and it all started because she wanted to make sure I was healthy and fit out of the kindness of her heart.


People train with Cassie Phillips for a variety of reasons. Many people go for her technical knowledge and others like the personalized attention she provides. I go to Cassie for 1 thing: ENERGY! There have been days where I am so lethargic after work I can hardly move let alone concentrate on anything. After 45 minutes with Cassie I feel like I am ready to take on the world!

Her vigor and enthusiasm for life is contagious, and she will make you want to approach every challenge you face inside and outside the gym with a more positive attitude. There is a reason that everybody who trains with her comes back week after week. All it takes is one workout for you to get hooked on Cassie!


Cassie is AWESOME! I’ve had the pleasure of benefiting from her workouts for over a year now and can honestly say that working out with her is an honor and a privilege. I think it’s important to know that she is not someone to just go through the motions. The thought and care that she brings to every workout coupled with the positive spirit that she not only emanates, but brings out of those she meets makes her a truly unique and gifted trainer. I cannot recommend Cassie highly enough!


Before I met Cassie, I didn’t know it was possible to LOVE exercising. Although her workouts are tough – on my first day, the class was working on a 100-push-up challenge – I truly look forward to every one. Cassie manages to strike the perfect balance of encouraging me, motivating me and challenging me to reach new goals and levels of fitness. She also cares about me as a whole person. This past year and a half in Cassie’s group exercise classes, I’ve seen big results: I finished my first sprint triathlon, look and feel better, and have way more confidence. Best of all, my relationship with exercise has changed – it’s now a hobby I enjoy rather than a chore to check off my list.


I am writing to recommend Cassie Phillips as a personal trainer. My daughter and I started working with Cassie three years ago and while each of us was looking to get in shape we both looked at training in a different way.  Cassie’s training sessions offered us a great way for us to work out together and still allowed each to excel individually.

Cassie brings a positive energy to each session that motivates you to challenge yourself both physically and mentally.   I enjoy her classes because each one is different and provides a great mix of flexibility, strength, balance and intensity.  She comes to each session with a well-organized plan that uses each minute to maximize your time.  It is obvious that she loves what she does!

Results are clear, besides feeling better about me, this summer I was able to achieve goals of doing a sprint triathlon and obstacle course mud run. I also found that my golf game improved greatly do to the increased flexibility and strength.  I look forward to being sore the day after every workout.