Habitude Fitness


I LOVE to exercise! Crazy, right? But it’s true. Aside from that truth, fitness is just a small part of my life and what I envision Habitude Fitness to be.
I am not the most elite personal trainer. I do not have the perfect body or the perfect habits. However, I am your biggest fan. I am open, willing, encouraging, positive, faithful, and disciplined.

My goals around wellness include:
Taking responsibility for my health and wellness.
Allowing myself to get uncomfortable in order to grow and change.
To become stronger (mentally and physically).
To bring people together in a community to encourage and support each other’s health goals.
To model a healthy lifestyle for my daughter.

I believe in whole living; body, mind, soul.
Several years ago now I had to ask myself, “what does it really mean to be healthy?” I had been naturally athletic all of my life, so staying active was never an issue. I was never obese, but as a young woman I struggled internally with my body image and feeling beautiful. I set out on a journey to discover what eating well, self-care, and loving who God created me to be really meant for myself.

Pain has been a big part of my adult life. For the last 10 years, I have suffered from chronic headaches and many things that go alongside dealing with a chronic physical condition, BUT…I wouldn’t change it. I want to be healed of this and am always open to trying new things to get rid of it. But this “pain” has brought me too many good side effects to say it wasn’t worth it. All in all my healthy living choices have changed my health, wellness, and vitality almost completely! To date, I feel better than ever.

Faith, fitness, and family sums it up for me. (Blood family, friends like family, and fitness family!)
Thank you for attending my classes, thank you for training with me, thank you for following, thank you for your support, thank you for being a part of this fitness family!

With much love and gratitude,