Habitude Fitness


A Personal Journey

Why fitness? It seems like somewhat of a natural fit. Fitness now feels like a road I have been asked to travel; a platform on which is a privilege to speak.

The message?

I believe in whole living. Not too long ago I had to ask myself, “what does it really mean to be healthy?”  I had been naturally athletic all of my life, so staying active was never my issue.  However, though I was never obese, as a young woman I struggled internally with my body image and feeling beautiful.

After I was married to my remarkable and affirming husband, many of my insecurities subsided. I began to renew my identity just as, I believe, the Lord intended. It is, however, a work in progress to say the least.

Our first year of marriage was off to a fantastic start, but I began to suffer severe, constant headaches. It was difficult for us to pinpoint if the pain was due to an injury or stressful event. Nonetheless, 8 years later, I have not had one headache free day.

It has been a difficult, yet sweet journey. I have taken time off and pushed on. I have tried many doctors and have had many alternative therapies. I have had many tests, and treatments, and even surgery. I have experienced hope and dark despair. The headaches have manifested into other chronic issues; sleep disturbance, low energy, neck pain, back pain, leg pain…

This is not a cry for sympathy – just a point of reference. For the first couple of years I kept this pain all to myself (pride perhaps?). As someone who had always been on the “giving end” of helping others, it was very difficult for me to show weakness and let others into my very personal journey. However, I realized (with some help) that people have so much love to give, and most of the time they genuinely do care. I have learned so much through all of you that have helped me through my healing journey.

I call this a journey because I am not just trying to find a “physical fix.”  I have been on a 5 year road of change and growth through having this affliction.  I have changed everything in my approach toward fitness, eating, working, the way I deal with my emotions, how I grow in knowledge, how I deal with my relationships, and how I handle stress.  Most importantly, my relationship with my Lord and Savior has grown.

My marriage was strengthened because we have had to deal with me not feeling well all of the time. I have an amazing husband who takes care of me and sees a bright future for me…for us.  He truly believes someday I will be headache free.

Exercising with you, creating for you, encouraging and motivating you, is like a well for me. It strengthens me. It keeps me going.

I believe that we all have an obstacle, a mountain, a “headache” to conquer. If not presently; we did at one time.  If we haven’t yet; we will. And we can all draw strength from our situation and choose to move in a positive direction. Some days I want to give up trying to get better – but I can’t. And neither can you!

Thank you for attending my classes, thank you for training with me, thank you for your support, thank you for being on this team.

With much love and gratitude,