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How Did You Do?

It’s a little late, but our 90-day challenge has ended, and I am wondering how you did? (Please keep reading even if you didn’t participate!)

Tabata Tuesday: Round 2!

Here’s a new round of Tabata for ya! I recruited a long time member and friend to stay after class and do it with me, and Sarah did great! Also, see if you can keep up with...

Traveling Habitudes!

Hey there friends! I am posting this from Greenback TN (Not too far outside of Knoxville). The Phillips are here visiting my in-laws who retired (semi-retired!) here a couple of years ago...

More Random Fall Habitudes!

What is it about Fridays? Luckily, right now I have the BEST job in the world. (Mommy to Georgia and fitness!!) So I am not working for the weekend, but man…something about Fridays...