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Visualization…Not Just for Professional Athletes!

Many of you know a little about my story with health, wellness, and fitness but some of you don’t yet. Today I’ll skim the surface a bit, and talk about how having a vision for my habitude change was everything!

Years ago I wanted to WANT to eat healthily despite my current habits. I wanted to WANT to learn about nutrition and not just blindly follow another diet book. I wanted to feel good in my skin and look healthy and vibrant. So I started to picture in my mind what that would look like. I would create a vision in my head of this “new” me. What I looked like, what I was wearing, what kind of food I ate, and how I fed my family. I literally dreamed up…the “not yet” me.

To be even more specific I will share with you a little of that vision:
It was always summertime in my head because I loved the summer (still do!) I saw myself strong and toned. I would have on a pair of shorts (not hiding under long pants or layers). I would wear less makeup, hair color, self-tanner, and jewelry. I would simplify my look and be more “natural” and low maintenance. (Yup, I think I totally overdid all of those things in hopes to feel better about myself. Just as you would suspect…it was all just a cover-up and never really helped me to feel good about myself.) I would be working in the garden. My future kid(s) would run up and eat tomatoes off the vine while I pulled the weeds. I would be cooking with fresh veggies for dinner; learning how to cook real food in a healthy way, listening to music and sipping wine all the while. My future kiddo(s) would help me in the kitchen and just think this is normal…”We eat healthy food…doesn’t everyone??” I would also join my fam in a tasty freeze run for a summer cone or pizza night without any guilt or overindulgence. I would never diet again. I saw myself picking peaches up from the farmer’s market and biting into one on the spot…juices running down my chin and all! (This is ALL true. These are things I imagined!!)

Here are some pics to show how vision can turn into reality!

I thought about this “not yet me” all of the time, and that vision of a healthier/happier me, helped me to make decisions. When faced with junk food or healthy food, I would choose the healthier option because I had a clear vision of what I wanted. As I started to see myself slowly transform, these decisions became easier and easier!

Let’s say you would like to get up and walk every morning this summer. Picture your alarm going off, you sliding on the shorts that you laid out the night before, and the sun rising in the distance. Is it warm? Is it raining? Is it cool? Picture yourself coming in from your morning jump-start and having the best cup of coffee. Picture yourself feeling so fantastic gby starting your morning off in this fashion that you make a healthy breakfast, and pack a healthy lunch. Picture this every day and every night. Visualize yourself completing this goal day in and day out. This is not daydreaming-this is working towards future you!

I used visualization when I was pregnant with my daughter. I had 3 main goals the first year when she was born. I thought about them and pictured what life would look like achieving these goals.
(Of course, there are so many variables that are outside of our control, but I think you all get my point around this practice!)
I wanted to breastfeed, I wanted her to have a certain bedtime routine, and I wanted to take her with me to teach fitness classes or have her involved in my home workouts.) I thought about these goals and PICTURED them happening all of the time. When she got here, I can’t tell you how much easier it was to stick to the plan involved in achieving them since I had a vision in my head! I also did this with teaching my own outdoor boot camps and getting Rugged Maniac teams together. Today, if I want to go for a run on Saturday morning, I start thinking about that now. I see myself up having coffee, picking out a podcast and hitting the pavement…You can use this discipline in BIG and SMALL ways!!!!

Professional athletes use this technique to throw a strike, win the race, or block the quarterback…if it works for them, why couldn’t it work for us??!

You can do this in your mind, in your journal, on a poster board, sticky notes around the house and office, or I use Pinterest every year to create some goals and VISION!

You’ve heard of a vision board before?
What is a vision board? Basically, it’s a simple poster or bulletin board filled with a collage of images, words, and pictures of what goals you have in life. You can draw the images, tear photos from magazines or find Google images. Fill your board with words that are related to actions that will make your goals successful, become a better friend, daughter, father, etc. Maybe you’d like a photo of a medal that could encourage you to train harder, or images of places you’d like to travel and adventures you want to tackle. I like quotes that encourage healthy happy living! I have had fitness friends over to my house for wine and vision board making in the past, and it’s a blast. I don’t think you can ever get too old for this!!

I really hope that I have got you convinced to do some work on this. Use this with changing your eating habits, exercising, having a happy marriage, getting a job you love…the list goes on. If you still feel a little stuck on this, message me and I’ll give you some more prompts to get you going!
Here are some progress pics for you:
1. Young and overdone Cassie. Hiding behind makeup and more. Feeling icky with overeating and trying to “diet”. Knew nothing about healthy diet and exercise, soul-searching, and true self. (This is just a part of being young too…don’t we all go through this in our 20’s??!)
(I do not like this look…but it’s part of my story, so here ya go!:)
2. Feeling good and have learned so much about my own body. Happy inside and out. Had tons of time to be selfish about health goals:)
3. Now. Somewhere not too far off from exactly where I’d like to land these days. Balancing motherhood and healthy choices, post baby bod and thoughts about that, and exercising to feel good yet challenge me.

I am creating some new visions for myself and for THIS season of life mentally, spiritually, and physically. It’s so fun to dream and then to feel the satisfaction of some dreams becoming reality!! TRY IT!!!!!!!

“Imagination gives you the picture. Vision gives you the impulse to make the picture your own.” – Robert Collier

Lastly, I’ll leave you with this:
My 2-year-old daughter is all about her independence lately. “No, I do it Mommy!!” is something I hear throughout the day. However, when she can’t do something she desperately wants to do, she gets very frustrated with herself and in classic two-year-old style yells some sort of nonword in what we like to call around here, “her outside voice.” 😉
Many times I help her when she asks, but many times I coach her to just try. And as our children often do to us, she has taken my words and used them in a wonderfully cunning and cute way. If she asks me to do something and I say something along the lines of no or not right now, she simply says to me, as she puts her hands up and shrugs her shoulders, “Mommy, you could just try!”

So with your goals, your dreams, in practicing visualization, and making things happen for yourself…you could just try!

We have nothing to lose, right?!!

Your trainer,

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