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A Soapbox. A Rant. A Look Inside My Head…

Today I am sharing with you the post to my private Facebook group that is piloting my 6-week program:
Changing Your Habitudes.

I want you to think about something pretty big that you accomplished. Something that wasn’t easy. Something like giving birth, obtaining your college degree, recovering from surgery, saving for a down payment on a house, quitting smoking…the list can go on.

Now, think about the process that you went through to achieve that. Was it…painful? At least a little, right? Did it have highs and lows?

As humans, I think we really try to avoid pain if possible. It’s generally not fun and truthfully has a pretty negative connotation around it. “Uncomfortable” might be a word that feels better to us. (One you are more “comfortable” with:)

But pain, or being uncomfortable, in a healthy intentional way can yield wildly wonderful results.

Changing the way you eat is VERY uncomfortable. We shouldn’t expect otherwise.

I am not sure why we think we can’t be a little hungry sometimes? Why do we have to snack every 2 hours? Or why does missing a meal launch us into a full-blown hangry episode? I don’t want these things to be the norm for us by any means. But I do want to give us something to think about:

Being uncomfortable doesn’t mean something is BAD. Sacrifice, focus, and desiring the end result is what got you that degree, made you push harder so you could hold your newborn baby, gave you that magical feeling when you signed the papers as a new home owner and gave you the all clear on your last lung function test.

When it comes to our health, we have to realize that the choice is ours; that we may not want to eat spinach and salmon tonight and we may just want pizza and ice cream instead. I want that too! I mean, come one! But what I want more is to take good care of myself and live a long full life; The Good Lord willing. Some of that’s on me! That’s why denying myself these wants/desires is necessary. It’s uncomfortable…it’s even painful…but those feelings are not always BAD!

We have brothers and sisters around the world who are used to being in pain…even starving! But the US battles obesity driven disease more than anything else and has a multibillion-dollar diet and fitness industry of people wanting to lose weight. Crazy!

Pain has been a big part of my adult life. For the last 10 years, I have suffered from chronic headaches and many things that go alongside dealing with a chronic physical condition, BUT…I wouldn’t change it. I want to be healed of this and am always open to trying new things to get rid of it. But this “pain” has brought me too many good side effects to say it wasn’t worth it.

Sweat a little…actually, sweat a lot! Choose something green over another starchy processed carb. Walk instead of drive. Get scared and intimidated about new workouts or new foods…then just try them:) Follow your doctor’s advice for once. You may not like it, and it may have its highs and lows…but the payoff…the payoff is your life. And I know you all have something worth living for.

Challenge: Post a picture of what you have in your life that gives you drive, purpose, and reason to want to be around living a healthy life for the long haul. Maybe even tape that up somewhere you can see it all of the time with a mantra or phrase. Here’s an example: “You’re my reason.” I posted mine:)


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