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Adopt These 3 Habitudes NOW to Have the Healthiest Summer Ever!

Anyone else just love it?!

Some people thrive in the summer, looking and feeling their best. Their meals include loads of fresh summer fruits and veggies and tons of H2O to stay hydrated from all of their outdoor activity. Others find the ice cream shop, summer BBQs and ice-cold cocktails too tempting and up sitting far too long in air conditioning or lawn chair. Wherever you fall (or somewhere in between) I have my TOP 3 habitudes to embrace right now to ensure that your summer only gets healthier from here!

1. Carry H2O!
Carry a water bottle with you EVERYWHERE! Staying hydrated with WATER is key any time of year, but especially in the summer. Water fights bloating and keeps everything inside loosey goosy, hydrated, and working properly. It also keeps hunger at bay, and keeps you feeling energized and healthy on those hot summa days. There are many summertime ailments that can be cured simply by making sure you are hydrated. I can’t tell you the number of times I have left the house thinking I was hungry, only to slug some water and then totally forget about needing a snack!

If you are at the lake, the beach, or chilling in the backyard with friends, be sure to always drink a glass of water between every beer, glass of wine, or cocktail. This will help you not to over-do it, you’ll stay hydrated, and help the grazing that occurs from feeling tipsy. WATER EVERYWHERE! (You know the *ahem* pee rule, right? Check it and make sure you’re rehydrating enough!!:)

2. Eat clean MOST of the time.
If you eat lean, clean, whole foods MOST of the time as your daily habitude, those BBQs, desserts, cocktail, and ice cream cones shouldn’t make too big of a difference in your wellness journey.
First, please don’t think of a brownie as cheating, (get rid of that word altogether!) and get rid of the idea that you have to clean your plate. If you want it, have it! And then move on and right back into your healthy eating patterns. Maybe you spy the brownies at the picnic and you know you want one. Who says you must have a whole one? I have learned to be satisfied with just a taste.  (Most of the time…sometimes it just needs to be devoured, right?!) You will never be deprived and you will still be eating well MOST of the time.

3. Intentionally move twice a day.
What?! Two-a-days?! Hear me out…
If you are someone who exercises, this is a habitude to embrace in addition to your workout. I’ll use myself as an example: I tend to exercise in the morning. However, I always plan something for the afternoon too. And I’m not talking about a full-out sweat session either. It’s usually a walk, some yoga in the playroom while Georgie plays (I mean, crawls all over me!), 15 minutes of bodyweight exercises, or cleaning up the house (when I clean it’s a heart pumper!). During the winters (in the mid-west), this was always my intention, but so much harder to do with the gray cold skies. But whenever summer strikes, I go right back to it…and I see and feel a difference! Every step counts toward being the healthiest version of yourself! (Check this out if you need more proof of it!) A sure-fire way to ensure pulling a double? Recruit someone to join you!
Here’s what an afternoon session can look like around here!)

3 little changes you could adjust slowly or all at once right now!
If you do, you will be sure to have a healthy summer!

Your Trainer,

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