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HIIT, Lift, Sprint! Your Summertime Workout!

Memorial Day is coming up, and I love setting the tone on a holiday with a morning sweat session! My rules for engaging in a holiday workout are as follows:
1. It shouldn’t take too long.
2. It shouldn’t require me to leave my family on an extra day we have together. (Though sometimes it’s nice to sneak away for a little me time;)
3. I should be able to make a waterfall, not raindrops…lol! In other words…I WANNA SWEAT!

Here is your go-to full body workout for summer. Use it whenever you want a guaranteed full body workout and that waterfall!

You can go through this workout 3 x’s through or use it as an AMRAP (as many rounds as possible) and set your timer for a specific time (15, 20, 30 minutes) and see how many times you can get through it. If you do this, I want you to try to improve each week and get a little more done each time! In fitness, we shouldn’t just put our time in, but really strive to become stronger!

Demo video included! Let’s go! (It was 90 degrees out when I shot this, so I totally feel your pain!!)

Tell me when you get this workout done, and how you did! Also, comment below with some of your favorite healthy BBQ staples! I need ideas!
Your Trainer,

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