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Great Advice on How to Get Kids to Eat Their Veggies!

Last week in my accountability group, I posted a video of my go-to smoothie for my toddler Georgia. I sneaked in a big handful of spinach in an attempt to get some more greens into this little body! With the video, I asked my fitness family/moms and dads that have gone before me to comment with some advice to get kids to eat more veggies. Here is our afternoon smoothie shake dance, along with some fabulous advice from my close friends!

Don’t give up, whatever you do!! Consistency is key! Offer them and let her see you and your husband enjoying veggies!

Two words that will make you cringe…ranch dressing.
My reply: lol…I have tried that actually! And I also like to use a greek yogurt ranch recipe too! I am not afraid of fat for me or the kiddo (it’s the sugar that’s killing us Americans). BUT she just licks off the ranch and won’t eat the veg…lol…can you blame her?? It’s RANCH!

I agree with everyone above. For me, it’s about “control”. So my kids don’t get their dessert (generally a frozen greek yogurt or some strawberries or blackberries unless they do polite bites. So they ALWAYS have to try it but don’t have to eat it all. You’re an amazing and awesome mama who is so thoughtful and sensitive of G. Proud to know you, Mama!

Spiralized veggies are a big hit with E. If I have my act together I’ll make a spinach and onion omelet/frittata, cut it into sticks, and call it “fries”. Ketchup is my friend these days.

My kiddos are not so big on cooked veggies, but love raw! We always ask they try things, but I always have raw carrots, celery, and cucumber out for meals and snacks. I think there’s something about continuing to offer them but not drawing attention to it!

Figure out what she can do to help you “make the veggies”. The more involved mine are in whatever we make (and grow) the better they eat. My girls eat anything right from the garden!!

My oldest loved veggies until he was about 4 years old, then stopped eating them. He is almost 17 and is still extremely picky about eating them-can’t stand the taste or texture. My middle son loves all veggies- I did nothing different. Maybe if I had tried a yummy smoothie like you are doing, he would have eaten them. (Don’t think I could fool him now though!)

Timing is everything. I waited until Madison was hungry and then gave her a plate of veggies. If she refused to eat it, I let her go hungry:( but she probably only went to bed hungry a handful of times before she started eating it. I just kept giving her veggies every time she was hungry. Now she loves them! Especially if there’s a fun hummus or cream cheese dip!

Dips are defiantly a great way to get kids to eat veggies!

1. Check out the book Deceptively Delicious by Jessica Seinfeld. Great way to sneak healthy veggies into “kid-yummy” foods.
2. Smoothies!!!!:)

Keep offering them but don’t force it. Sneak them into drinks and dishes, and don’t talk about them too much. Just tell her that you love it!

Aren’t these great tips?! I’ll be trying all of them! And maybe you’re an adult who doesn’t like veggies too much…in that case, try some of these tips for yourself! Developing a taste can take time. Just because you need to dunk broccoli in Ranch doesn’t mean you’ll have to do that forever!
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  • This was such a helpful conversation! I had my daughter help me clean kale because of a tip from another mamma and she started eating it raw out of the colander. She spit it out afterwards, but still!

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