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My Summer Running Plan!

Yup, I am a fair-weather runner. When the temps start to get nice, and the sunshine is warm, I love running. I am absolutely no good at it, it’s a huge challenge for me to build mileage, but I love being outside and getting that runner’s high!

When I asked a community of Habitude Fitness family members to say out loud what their Spring into Summer goal was this year, so many of them wanted to take up, get back to, or become better at running (even some marathoners out there! woo!). I am definitely no expert, but I can tell you the running plan I created keeps me challenged, motivated, and avoids overtraining.

Natalie runs at Disney!

Here’s the Habitude Fitness MONTH 1 running plan:
(I will issue out a month 2 training plan as well!)
You will run 3 days a week. Personally, I don’t like to run 2 consecutive days in a row and usually end up doing my runs on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday (or Saturday). You can do any run on any day. The order of this workout plan doesn’t matter. However, I would advise that you take notes. Maybe you feel better getting your long run out-of-the-way at the begging of the week, or perhaps you feel best if you save it for the end. It’s your schedule! Also, each week can look different as far as scheduling goes, just as long as you get each run in! Also, please warm up with walking, cardio, or light jogging for 10 minutes, and then stretch out a bit before you begin.

Month 1
Day 1:
5 K (3.2 miles) Don’t worry about time or if you had to stop. Just run it!
Day 2:
Sprints. 20/20/20. Sprint for 20 seconds, rest for 20 seconds and then go again for 20 seconds. Sprint a total of 20 times!
Day 3:
Build your distance. Anything over 5 K counts. Even if it’s just 3.3 miles! Try to build a little each week. However, if your body is telling you that you’re not ready to add-on, listen to it. It takes time to increase distance, and by month 2 you’ll notice you’re able to go farther more easily.

That’s it! Try this for a month and let me know how it goes. I will issue out Month 2 in a couple of weeks!

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Mike our Marathoner!

Just start. Even if you can’t run a single mile. Start somewhere! This schedule is designed for people with a decent fitness base. If you are new to fitness, re-committing, or wanting to change things up, make this plan work for YOU, where you are at TODAY!

Your Trainer,

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