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How Did You Do?

It’s a little late, but our 90-day challenge has ended, and I am wondering how you did? (Please keep reading even if you didn’t participate!)I’ve got some incredible info here for ya!) At the new year, I issued out a 1 more mile (or 10 more minutes) challenge. 5 days a week I asked you to commit to walking, running, biking, or dancing for 1 more mile on top of your usual activity for the day. (Or just 10 more minutes of movement. You could look at it either way!) I was elated to see so many people at the gym sign up and commit! And boy did they! So many folks showed up early and walked laps around the track, or stayed late and hit the cardio machines for just 10 more minutes! Talk about inspiring! 
Now, just because the 90 days is up, doesn’t mean we are done! I have heard such wonderful things about how this challenge has affected people, so of course, we are going to keep it going! 1 more mile/10 more minutes is now your new fitness mantra! Let me tell you why this habitude is so important:

I and the rest of your fitness family would love to hear about your experience with the 1 more mile challenge. So please, comment below, message me, or reply on our Facebook page! Share the good news!

Your Trainer,

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