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TGIF and Lots of Random Habitudes!

Who is jazzed about TGIF? A bit different here in Chicagoland this weekend, then last (*sniffle, tear*). But, none the less, I love, love, LOVE weekend vibes!!

I consider Thursday night the new Friday night, so Friday morning I am in full weekend mode. I start my Fridays off with one of my favorite classes to lead: group cycle!!!! Let me back up…I started today off at 5:00 am with a toddler saying to me, “Get up Mommy. Nana!” (Meaning get up and get me a banana lady!:) Georgie usually sleeps until close to 7:00 a.m. but this morning was different. Those of you with small children probably know this, but slept begets sleep. She went to bed later than usual last night, so instead of sleeping in later, my kiddo gets up
earlier than usual! So, banana for her and 1 full bottle of water for me…then COFFEE!!!:)|

Per usual, our cycle class was filled with amazing people, and amazing energy. We did one last song powering through and giving it our all. And then…when it was over…”Can’t Hold Us” by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis came on.  You just try not to move and groove when you hear that beat! It’s impossible! So we went on to Crazy Town and sprinted our hearts out to the beat! Ah-MAZING way to start the day!!!

Check out our Dance Party playlist!:) Warning, you may bust a move at any given time:)

Pre cycle class: Georgie ready to go up to the day care with all snacks in hand!

This weekend will be filled with some yummy food, time with friends, family time, catching up on This is Us, and some laundry.

The weekends are NOT the time to go off course of your healthy eating habitudes! Did you know if you eat whatever you want on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, that is almost half of the month?! You work too hard for that, and honestly, you’ll never get ahead.

I like to practice something called, pre-emptive eating. This is a mental practice that sets your mind in the right place long before that pizza shows up at your door. Let me give you an example:

Last weekend we celebrated our 10-year anniversary in the city. Going down Friday-Sunday. We had plans to check out Eataly, and we had dinner reservations, just the two of us, for Saturday night. I knew I was going to indulge in wine, some pizza, and though our night out wasn’t unhealthy, the food was a lot richer than what we are used to. The entire week leading up to the weekend, I made sure my food intake was on point. No treats or bites…I had an amazing party for my taste buds lying ahead of me. I ate mostly lower carb, looking at meals as lean, clean, and green. On Friday, knowing I would have some pizza from Eataly and a glass of wine, I had eggs for breakfast, and a kale salad for lunch, making room in my daily intake for this treat. On Saturday Jake and I spent the entire day walking around Chicago (over 4 miles!), and did a Whole Foods lunch at their salad bar. You can see that I didn’t throw the whole weekend away eating junk for 3 days. I know that is so tempting, but most of us usually regret it. I just made some wiggle room! I am telling you, if you eat clean MOST of the time, you need not sweat your special treats! Planning ahead is everything so that you are not left with tummy troubles and a load of guilt! So, as we go into this weekend, I know that I am meeting some friends tonight for a monthly girl’s night. I again got my workout in, and will keep my diet in check all day as I plan to sip some pink wine with them later! Does this make sense?! 80-90% of the time you are eating clean foods (meaning close to the earth and minimally processed), lean foods (good protein sources to help fuel your muscles), and green foods (rich in fiber to keep you full and lots of vitamins)! 10-20% of the time, treat yo ‘self!

Try a green salad before dinner on weeknights…every night. Fill up that tummy with some powerful greens!


A rooftop view before heading off to dinner!


My friend Taylor who lives in the city and her boyfriend Drew met us for a glass of champs before our romantic celebratory dinner. Guess where we met? AT THE GYM OF COURSE!:)

Full bellies and full hearts at Maple and Ash!

When it comes to workouts, I have really been into getting my heart rate up! Maybe I am feeling cooped up from winter, but getting a great sweat from running, sprinting, riding, or jumping around is just what this mama needs to relieve stress and gain some energy. In almost all of my classes, we are using Tabata soundtracks to allow the music to guide us through some high-intensity interval training. I am telling you, you can use this on the treadmill for a few rounds to beef up your run, in your living room, or on a walk in the park! They. Are. Fabulous!

Regretfully, I have not been making enough time in my day for stretching. My goal as I roll into this next week is to carve our more foam rolling and long-hold stretching. I always feel better when I do!

Currently, I am also exploring more on the mental, spiritual, and emotional health of diets and fitness. I am convinced that just as if someone were obese and addicted to food or has an eating disorder, couldn’t it be just as unhealthy to have a food fixation and focus on every bite that goes into your mouth? What about making certain foods off-limits even if you don’t have a health condition to warrant it? What if you need to weigh yourself every day, or make sure you are doing crazy obsessive workouts in hopes to walk around like those pics you see on Instagram? The thin, the buff, the strong, the lean, the gluten-free/dairy-free/everything free, the healthy, the skinny, the athlete, the fitness competition model, the postpartum mom…what really makes a person have a healthy relationship with diet (meaning what we eat) and exercise (meaning how we move). Perhaps we all have some issues around this? I don’t know…just exploring and studying…stay tuned!!
So, won’t you join me this weekend for fun with friends and family, a few delicious treats (and plan for them accordingly!!) and some awesome workouts by getting your heart pumping and perhaps being spontaneous and busting out some of your best dance moves mid workout?! What are you #weekendvibes?

Cheers and TGIF!
Your Trainer,

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