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Baby Habitudes: Toddler Habits!

What I love about this space is that by incorporating all 6 areas of wellness, so many things become relevant to the wellness journey we are all on. By tapping into our emotional, spiritual, mental, occupational, social, and physical wellness, we have a space to examine, discuss, and learn about many different topics. One of my favorite categories (who am I kidding, they are all my favorite!) is Baby Habitudes. In a nutshell, I try to examine how becoming a mom/parent is impacting my wellness journey; in body, mind, and spirit of course!

Classes and Training:
Teaching group fitness classes with Georgie in tow has become a touch more challenging (She’s 20 months old!). When I go to the gym, she is of course in our fabulous kid’s club with the on-site babysitter and a crew of amazing little ones. But when I offer my Habitude Fitness classes, she is usually running around snacking, playing, and asking my participants to hold her. I am forever grateful for my morning group of faithful followers who enjoy my workouts AND the presence of my kid. Many of us have been together for a long time, and several of them have been working out with Georgie since she was in my belly. She went from belly, to car seat/stroller, to exersaucer, to baby carrier, to gated play area, to…well…running around and owning the place. It is no surprise that she is starting to do beautiful downward dogs, push-up, jumping jacks, and is a rock star at counting reps out with me! (She loves being the one to say, “Ready, set GO!”) I actually love having her there around positive people, doing positive things. I welcome any moms who have little ones they want to bring. We make it work!

Monkey see, monkey do!

How did I get a Toddler??
I was a little nervous about having a toddler. I LOVED the baby phase; the snuggles, the rocking, the nursing…a wild woman running around my house?? I wasn’t so sure. But honestly, this stage is amazing too! (Duh, you knew that!) My little girl is almost 2 and acts almost 2, don’t get me wrong! But for the most part, she is an extremely social, fun-loving, good listening, sensitive, playful, hilarious, outgoing little human! She has taught me to be very intentional, and very self-aware. I need to give her a good role model in speech, tone, and manners. I need to be consistent; say what I mean and do what I say. I need to set an example of patience, love, and forgiveness. I need to notice the needs of others and respond appropriately so that she too can learn how to treat people with love and respect. The list goes on of things I want her to learn and value, and therefore the need to be intentional about practicing what I preach. Kids keep you honest, to say the least!
Healthy Eats and a Little One:
I value good nutrition so naturally, I want my toddler to eat well. This may be news to you, but toddlers don’t think like that…I think she would eat Goldfish for every meal and snack if I let her! (I thought for sure my toddler would be snacking on broccoli and cucumbers…yeah…not so much. I try, but she usually pushes them aside.) As a baby, Georgie was liking most foods, fruits and vegetables included. Now she is definitely pickier. I continue to present her with a variety of foods hoping that if she keeps trying them, she’ll develop a taste for them. Frustrated and wanting her to eat more superfoods, I started making her an afternoon smoothie.  Finally success! She really does like them, and in one snack she’s getting loads of greens, healthy omegas, and nutrients, and antioxidants.
I know she might go through pickier stages, and I am by no means a food drill sergeant. I want her to learn about all foods! (Like a warm gooey cinnamon roll on a Sunday morning:) I desire for her to start to develop a taste for healthy foods early on, and hope that choosing nutritious foods is a no-brainer for her later. We do our best, and sometimes we eat cookies.

How I Keep Growing and Changing:
I have always been a motivated person. However, having a daughter gives me an internal drive and empowerment like I never knew existed. I could go on and on about my hopes and dreams for us as a family, and Georgia specifically, but all in all I want to give her a mom to be proud of. I don’t look at this as an added pressure in my life. I honestly look at it as an opportunity. She drives me to be better, do better, give more, and be the best version of myself I can be…for her. Just like you, I think my kid is pretty special and that God has got great things in store for her. I pray daily that He equips me to be the mom she needs to flourish, rather than the mom I think she needs.

Anyone with children or desiring to have children knows this:
They are such a blessing; such a true blessing. There are some long nights, and tantrums, and poop(s) in the tub, (And those moments make great stories:) but these little creature really are such a gift.

Our life is so much fun with this Sweet Peach. It really was a good life before…but now…but now it’s exceedingly and abundantly more. Through the ups and the downs of life:
God is good…
all the time.
And all the time…
God is good.
Thanks for following!
Your Trainer,

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