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Try it Thursday: Home Remedy Habitudes for When You are Sick!

I hate being sick. Just hate it. My bet is that you do too. (Even worse is having your kiddo sick. Poor babies!!)
While I really do believe that rest and letting something just run its course is the best idea to common winter illnesses, there are a few at home remedies that always make me feel better! (Maybe it’s all in my head, but does that really matter?!) Whatever you think makes you feel better, makes you feel better!

remediesEmergen-C packets:
At the first sign of a sniffle or a sore throat, I will often reach for these. I really do think they help! High does vitamin C has often stopped a possible cold from getting any worse. Is this the healthiest remedy out there? Probably not as there are some sugars in the packet. But I figure it’s an occasional treatment, not an every day. And if it helps me from getting sick, I’m all over that!

Peppermint Tea:
Upset stomach? Brew up some peppermint tea to settle it down. Peppermint essential oils and even peppermint vitamins or candy can help ease stomach aches. It’s pretty harmless, so what do you have to lose?!

Ginger Chews:
Anything ginger can help aid a queasy tummy. I like these little chews and always notice a difference after 2 of them. Again, there is some sugar in these, so it’s not an everyday treat. But reaching for one while nauseated can be helpful!

Vitamin D:
I take vitamin D daily, but when I am getting sick, I up the dose. Again, I feel like it helps the illness from progressing, or at least shortens the time spent sick! Now, I must add that I do NOT take vitamins without consulting with my doc. They may be over the counter, but you still have to be very careful with supplements. I tested low in my vitamin D levels upon my physical, so I take the recommended amount given to me by my doctor. When I get sick, I call her and make sure it’s ok to take a little more! THIS is a very good habitude for all of us! Don’t create more issues by taking anything and everything just because it’s available!

Apple Cider Vinegar:
My favorite way to take ACV is in our wellness tea. I don’t know if it’s the ACV, or the honey coating the throat, but this tea is magical! The next time you feel a little icky, try it!
Habitude Fitness Wellness Tea recipe!
My mom used to pump us full of garlic when we got sick…maybe it’s just something that stayed with me! Here are some fun facts about this powerful superfood!

Cholesterol: While some studies (many using supplements) have found that garlic reduces LDL (“bad”) cholesterol slightly, others have shown little or no effect. A well-designed 2007 study from Stanford University found no benefit when it tested raw garlic and two popular supplements (one containing powdered garlic, the other an aged-garlic extract) for six months in people with high LDL. More recently, two analyses concluded that good clinical trials have not shown consistent or significant improvements. Regardless of its effect on cholesterol, there’s no evidence that garlic actually prevents heart attacks.

Blood pressure: Some small, short-term studies have found that garlic can lower blood pressure slightly in people with hypertension. But various garlic preparations may have different effects on blood pressure.

Cancer: The evidence is mixed, at best. Some, but not all, population studies have found that people who eat a lot of garlic have a lower risk of certain cancers. But there have been few large, long-term randomized trials, which are needed to prove that it’s really garlic, and not something else about garlic eaters, that affects cancer risk. Two such studies, done in China, reached opposite conclusions about the effect of garlic pills on the risk of stomach cancer.

Colds: Despite a common belief that garlic can prevent colds, there has been remarkably little human research on this. In 2012, a study published in Clinical Nutrition found that an aged garlic extract taken for three months did not reduce the incidence of colds or flu but did reduce their severity when they occurred.
Other claims: For other conditions, such as upper respiratory infections, diabetes and arthritis, there’s no good evidence of benefit. -berkleywellness.com

Roast it and chomp it up, add to food, or eat it raw (ew.) I have a friend who does that when she’s getting sick…more power to ya if you can stomach that!;)

Lastly, the one thing I really believe helps so much is:

I know that’s not always possible, but rest really does make a huge difference. I start to get a little nuts being cooped up, but I don’t want the sickness to last any longer than it has to. I would rather sit out a few days, than feel miserable with a nasty bug hanging on…and hanging on…and hanging on…

And YES…medicine! Antibiotics, cold or sinus meds, whatever the doctor ordered! There are a time and place for all of that too!

What are some of your home remedies to feel batter fast?

Your Trainer,

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