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Son of a Nutcracker Tabata Round 1!

Whenever I travel for the holidays I always pack a workout I can do in the guest room of wherever we are staying. No excuses like cold weather, no room, or no time. You can do these absolutely anywhere, and will need ZERO equipment. (The family will hardly even know you stepped away!)

Son of a Nutcracker Holiday Uniform!

Son of a Nutcracker Holiday Uniform!

Today it’s all about bouncing around, getting the heart pumping, and having a little fun!

It’s only 4 minutes, so go hard. It’s all about moving quickly for short bursts of time and then resting only briefly before going again! Complete this round multiple times for a full workout, or pair it with some of my other favorite holiday HIIT routines from the blog!

More Holiday HIIT:
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…or check out some fun Tabata songs and make up your own drills. The music guides you on when to GO and when to RECOVER! You could even take these tunes the treadmill for sprints!

Come on now…no excuses. Move daily…you’ll always be glad you did…even if it’s just a few minutes!
(And if you’re trying to get in 100 miles by 2017, every 10 minutes of hard work counts as 1 mile! See the details here!

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