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Try it Thursday: A Quick Flow for the Living Room!

When the weather is willing I spend my afternoons sneaking in a walk, playing outside, or doing a boot camp for friends in the park. But when the weather changes, I always find myself still needing to move a bit and gain a little energy to power through the rest of the day. I have always found that turning on some music and just hitting the floor for some yoga and stretching feels soooooo good. (Throw some mood lighting in there with the Christmas tree glowing and you ‘ve got great ambiance!) This little flow will take you less than 5 minutes and give you the energy you crave! You don’t have to do this flow, but I encourage you to just move for 5 minutes and see how you feel! I even included this wonderful Christmas song I did my flow along to!

Demo video with mini workout partner included!


Finishing up with a pose called legs up the wall. Try it!

Check out this link for a step by step on how to do legs up the wall!

Let me know how this goes for ya!

Merry Christmas Season!
Your Trainer,

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