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Fall Habitudes Still Going Strong!

Did you check out last week’s post on our family road trip and healthy travel habitudes? Well, this Fall has proven to be amazing, invigorating, and energizing due to the beauty right outside our door! I am an outdoor gal and the fresh air is my medicine. With the mild temps and sunshine, I can’t help blog about what we’ve been up to stay moving and healthy, and hopefully, inspire you to do the same!
We got home from our road trip to TN on Saturday afternoon. We decided to drive slightly out-of-the-way on our journey home due to my Grandfather having a little heart scare earlier in the week. He is doing well and the doctors have sorted things out for him. We surprised him by dropping in and giving him the best medicine we could; hugs and kisses. This was a very quick stay, and I never even unpacked our suitcases. But I am so glad we stopped in.

This detour got us home a little later than wanted, and the ride home was harder on Georgia than the ride to TN. But isn’t that how it goes? The drive back is always longer and harder…even for us big kids! All in all…what a great trip. Now we are home, and I am getting back into the swing of our routine again.

Due to the time change, on Sunday morning my angel baby was up at 4:30…a.m…SOOOOO we actually loaded up after coffee and went to our 24 hour Meijer store to restock our fridge. Daddy and Gerogie shopped some sales and walked around in one cart, while I got everything on my list in another. We have a week filled with veggie egg scrambles, overnight oats, salads, apples and pear snacks, roasted veggies, chili, and some grilling!

This past weekend I had the AWESOME privilege to be a sponsor for one of our local elementary schools. They put on a Hot Chocolate race for the families, and the money raised is going to a new outdoor classroom. So cool! They also asked me to lead the group in a warm up pre-run. SO FUN! They were excited, engaging, energetic, and ready to run! (The adults were pretty good too;) What a beautiful (and abnormally warm) November day! Thanks Prairieview PTO and Prairieview School!!
hot-chocolate-2On Sunday afternoon, it was another glorious day. As Jake raked the leaves up, I played with Georgie. It was another Mommy moment when I paused and looked at all that was going on around me and just thought, God IS good!
I needed to squeeze in a workout after all of that driving for 2 days, so I just did some stations around the backyard as Georgie ran around. I took a couple of my favorite moves and put them together for you so that you can join in on a QUICK and efficient full body workout! Check out the demo video if you have any questions!

After you get done, tag on a few sprints. (This is how mommies do it!;) Sneak in a kiss whenever you can.)
Try 10 sprints with 10 back peddles! WHEW!

Currently, I am getting excited about our Black Friday Bootcamp (free with food pantry donation!) and planning it out with my co-leader, Katie. I have tons of fun ideas swirling around and I’m looking forward to sorting them out with her! We always have an amazing turnout, but I want to take over the gym this year! Toying around with doing it on Facebook Live??! I don’t know yet…??!! I am also thinking about creating a holiday accountability group to focus on healthy habits; body, mind, and spirit. Does that interest you?! I am also planning some special things for my weekday fitness groups, and perhaps a new round of T-shirts! So many ideas! Off to make some pumpkin muffins for me and my sweet Peach! Have a WONDERFUL week, and always feel free to reach out and talk healthy habitudes with me!

Your Trainer,

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