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Traveling Habitudes!

Hey there friends! I am posting this from Greenback TN (Not too far outside of Knoxville). The Phillips are here visiting my in-laws who retired (semi-retired!) here a couple of years ago.

Because being healthy is a lifestyle for me, I don’t go “off plan” just because I might be vacationing, out of town, or it’s the holidays. Sure, I may indulge more than I would at home. And my workouts might not be an hour long every single day. My goals include to always stay on top of the water for hydration, eat “good for me” foods most of the time so I feel energized, and exercise or move my body daily so I feel good!


It was a 10-hour drive to get here from Northern Chicagoland. I was a prepared Mommy with loads of books, music, toys, and snacks. I had very low expectations of my I get into everything can’t hold still 1-year-old, but amazingly she did great! We stopped twice for gas, and once for a picnic lunch at a beautiful rest stop. I packed loads of healthy snacks, and the weather was in the 70’s. Our picnic spot was perfect as we refueled and stretched our legs. One of my best tips for travel is simple: SKIP THE DRIVE THROUGH!! Pack your food in a cooler in the car and nosh on fruit, trail mix, green juice, turkey roll-ups, hummus, and veggies all day! You will be soooooooo glad you did!
pit-stop-lunchI don’t try to squeeze exercise in on my trips because I am obsessed with obtaining a certain physique! Firstly, I really do like to exercise. Seriously! It’s just part of who I am. I have energy to burn each day and the more I exercise, the more I want to. It just doesn’t feel right not to! Secondly, I feel better. Increasing blood flow and getting an endorphin buzz manages headaches, stiffness from a different bed or a long car ride, and helps me sleep better. Lastly, It gives me some “me” time. I may seem like an extrovert because I am social and love people. Though that’s true for me, I am re-energized by being alone. As much as I love my family, when you go on a trip you spend A LOT of time together. No offense to my husband, but heading out for even 20 minutes for a sweat session makes together time even more enjoyable!

Luckily my mother-in-law, Elaine, recently jumped on the healthy train and isn’t getting off. After years of yo-yo dieting, she recently lost a bunch of weight …for good…and it isn’t coming back! This change in her habits and her household’s means that where I am staying also values eating right! It’s great when we’re having some girl time and we both are in search of a good salad bar! Sure, we  sit on the porch sipping wine and chatting, and we have a plan to go get a brick oven fired pizza one night, but come on…live a little!

Grandma Elaine showing off her little lion cub to the girls at her work place! Healthy and glowing!

Grandma Elaine showing off her little lion cub to the girls at her workplace! Healthy and glowing!

Whipping up Grandma some of our Habitude Fitness Energy Ballz after an all fmaily hike!

Whipping up Grandma some of our Habitude Fitness Energy Ballz after an all family hike!

Today it was just me, Georgie, and Wyatt as Grandma had to work a half day, and Jake and his dad went fishing. The 3 of us headed to a couple of state parks not too far away. In between chasing Georgie around and throwing the ball for Wyatt, I squeezed in a few rounds of a new HIIT routine. On my last round, I thought, Hey! This would make a great post, and hopefully, a few of my peeps will do it with me while I’m away! So I propped up the phone and put together a demo video for ya! Be sure to pin or save the workout and complete 3-5 rounds!

We had a nice time in the park, but as we were driving home, we spotted another park that my father-in-law had mentioned to us. As we pulled in my breath was taken away! The gorgeous park had water on both sides of it, and the leaves were on fire! I leashed up the dog, put Georgie in my Ergo Baby 360 carrier, and we set off exploring the park. We had the most beautiful hour long hike! It was what my soul needed (and legs) needed! Georgie pointed out all the birds and trees, and Wyatt explored every single new smell available. It was a glorious morning!
Here are the two parks we went to today:
Sequoyah State Park
Fort Loudoun

Hope you guys are having a great week, and I really hope you enjoyed this travel post and workout! Comment below with your own healthy travel tips!

Your Trainer,

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