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More Random Fall Habitudes!

random-fall-habitudesWhat is it about Fridays? Luckily, right now I have the BEST job in the world. (Mommy to Georgia and fitness!!) So I am not working for the weekend, but man…something about Fridays just gets everyone excited and smiling…and I am on board with that!

Maybe this has got you smiling too?:)

Maybe this has got you smiling too local peeps?:)

We have been having a gorgeous¬†Fall. Sure, we have had some rainy days. But when it clears out, we have had some mild temps, sunshine, and all the beauty Mother Nature brings in during the Fall. Honestly, it’s been pretty wonderful.
monday-bootcampLast weekend we had a fire and I actually prepped dinner to cook right outside!
I know these meals as “Hobos”, but I am sure they have different names from your camping days.
I took foil and placed chopped veggies, garlic, onion, and chicken sausage, with salt and pepper and a tab of butter inside. We cooked it over the fire and it was delicious! Eating it outside made it taste even better;)
I also chopped up some apples and cooked them on the fire with a sprinkle of cinnamon and brown sugar. They were terrible…

Last weekend we had our new neighbors over for dinner, and I had the baking bug. Is there really anywhere else to look if you want a traditional pumpkin pie? I love this vintage edition that is just like my mom’s from her wedding day!
bettyWhen it come to getting motivated to move, I have been loving my new Habitude playlist!

I try to include some upbeat variety in each playlist, so I hope you can find your jam and go hard!

My current weekly fitness routine includes a run day (usually long and slow!), a tabata day plus weights (twice a week), an active rest day (walking, yoga, stretching), a weight day with some cardio to get the heart pumping, 1 spin day, and another active rest day. (And lots of stroller walks!) Guys (and girls!), if you are looking to change your body, you must lift weights! I love going out for runs and I love the adrenaline surge I feel during spin, but truly this is more to enjoy the outdoors, clear the mind, and really work on my heart and lung conditioning. Long cardio is healthy, but it won’t change your body like you think it might. If you are just starting off I would recommend doing 2-3 days a week incorporating weight lifting, 1-2 days a week of HIIT (we have MANY convenient, do anywhere HIIT workouts right here on the blog!), and 1-2 days a week of steady state cardio. If you have plateaued in your weight-loss or fitness goals, this informative podcast might be perfect for you to take a listen to. (I usually do my podcasting while I am cleaning up or folding laundry!)

I Can’t Lose Weight | Metabolism Adaptation

run-igI would also like to share a beauty product that I am now CRAZY about. I have been using it for a couple of months, and I really do notice a difference. My skin is smooth, even, and my makeup goes on effortlessly. It is so inexpensive and does NOT make you oily. Have you heard of Rosehip Oil?
It is full of vitamins (A and E especially), antioxidants, and essential fatty acids. This is exactly what you want in a skin care product! Rosehip seed oil is full of rejuvenating properties. (Vitamin C and lycopene) It restores elasticity and protects against stressors that may lead to wrinkles!!! It can also increase skin cell regeneration, reduce the appearance of scars and dark spots and fight acne. I know you want to try it now! Here it is on Amazon!
This is going to be a great weekend to get outside and do a quick workout and work on your Fall Habitudes List!

Check out the demo video HERE!

Check out the demo video HERE!


Happy Friday and Happy Weekend!
Your Trainer,

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