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Fall Habitudes for YOU! (And me…;)

Tomorrow is the first day of Fall, but it still feels like summer here (northern Chicago burbs)…and actually, that’s ok with me. Every year I hope for an Indian Summer, so no complaints here as I know come January we will be wishing for these 80 degree days again! Even though the temps are warm, I know we are all ready to get in an Autumn state of mind.

Here are my Fall habitudes and I am hoping you’ll jump in with me!
fall picture

1. Music and Running:
September and October are my favorite months to run outdoors. I put on my Spotify playlist (no headphones so Georgie can listen from the jogger too), and head out. I am not fast, but I feel energetic just getting myself out there. A pair of running shoes is the best piece of workout equipment you could ever buy. Running is free and you can do it anywhere, so there are #noexcuses;). And yes, you are a runner! Check out these great posts for some running motivation and tips!
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Here is a Fall HIIT routine to take with you to those beautiful parks when you aren’t running! This post from last year also offers how-to links for all the moves!
fall HIIT

Also, check out my newest playlist to help you keep your pace out there!

2. Fall Eats:
In the summer my healthy meals are filled with easy breezy breakfasts, salads, fresh in-season fruit, and lots of dinners from the grill. Come Fall, it’s time to get back into the swing of cooking again.
Soups, chilis, apples, and pumpkins, OH MY! Are you ready to turn your oven on again?
Check out one of my FAVORITE Fall soup recipe!
butternutsquash soup

3. Fall Vibes:
Planning some fun Fall festivities will help balance out all of your hard work at the office, at home, and/or at the gym. Did you know that your restorative activities are JUST AS important to your health and fitness as your high energy activities? So, if you work out, and you work out hard, or even if you have a stressful job or family life, you need to schedule in activities to restore and rebalance your hormones that were recently affected by the intensity you just went through. Slow jogs, walks in the park, time with friends, a good laugh, a long hot shower or bath, reading a book or magazine, yoga…the list goes on.

This Fall, plan some activities so that you can really enjoy this beautiful season to the fullest. Start planning now! You know how fast time goes by!

Here is your Habitude Fall Bucket List! Enjoy!
fall-bucketlistWhat are your plans for a fun and fit Fall?
Your Trainer,

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