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Try it Thursday: Eat Like You Love Yourself!

You know what I hate about diets? The very real possibility that it may make you feel like you are being punished.
Nothing about food, nourishment, and fueling your body should feel like punishment. Even if we eat too many chips or cookies we can get so down on ourselves mentally for not having a perfect day filled with kale and chickpeas that we place ourselves in a mental prison! No thank you!

When I turned my eating around almost 9 years ago now, I quit dieting and focused on health, healing, and vitality. Now, as a female, I most definitely battle body image and wanting to eat to look a certain way. But I try…I really do try, to let my healthy¬†desires fuel my thoughts, actions, and habits around food.

Healthy habits can start young!

Healthy habits can start young!

fruitWhen I have the right focus around food, like these tips, everything always comes together. Sometimes we don’t treat ourselves well, and food can turn into so much more than proper nourishment. It is emotional, mental, defining, and can have deeply rooted bad habits. Keep going back to this Eat Like You Love Yourself model and it will all work out! I promise!

Your Trainer,


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