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You’re the Only One Who Really Knows…

What do you need to do or change in your life to
reach your fitness/health goals?DSC_4593-2-3079021286-O

You are the only one who can answer this.

It may take you 5 seconds or 5 days to come up with an honest answer.

Take your time. Be thorough, be honest, and be precise.

Answers could be as simple/obvious as to stop eating out for lunch or cutting out that late night snacking. It could be as deep and complex as finding a new job, placing boundaries on a toxic relationship, or taking steps to reduce stress.

Many times our diet and fitness roadblocks are related to deeper issues. Figuring some of this stuff out is a major step needed to achieve our wellness goals.

You know what you need to do. Be honest, make a list, make a plan, and then take a step!

You got this!

Your Trainer,

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