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Baby Habitudes: Finding True Strength as a Mom!

I remember being a kid and rolling my eyes when I would hear the adults talking about how time flys by…

Fast forward to adulthood and I feel the exact same way. Add a kid in the mix and time goes even faster. Where has the summer gone?!baby habitudes

Even though I am a summer girl through and through, in many ways I am ready for a break from all of this humidity! It’s been a very sticky August here in Grayslake, Illinois and the thought of those mild Fall mornings is looking better and better.

Summer 2016 has been a busy and exciting one for my family…and a little stressful…but all of it good.

In the spring we bought a new home in the same town we have lived in for 9 years. A little fixer upper with good bones. A house with character that we saw incredible potential in. The rest of the summer has been mainly focused on the selling of our previous home, packing up, logistics, moving to the new place, and working on transforming the new house into our vision (most of which my husband has wanted to do himself, and is doing a great job!) And oh yeah, I have a 1-year-old who is now walking and very VERY busy! Not to mention keeping up with every day life and enjoying all things summer while living in somewhat of a construction zone! But how can I complain?? It’s a new house with new beginnings, and I know we are going to love it! We already do. I just have to practice patience, and this is a great character exercise. (I know if you’ve been through a renovation you know EXACTLY what I mean!:)
boxes(Would you like to see a tour when it’s all done? Before and afters?!)
rennovationsWith all of that good stuff swirling around, yes indeed, the summer has flown by!

Georgia’s Milestones:
Since moving in July, my sweet Peach has learned to walk and is talking up a storm. She expresses frustration and little fits more often, and has yet to sleep through the night since the move. She is working on a couple of new teeth the last several weeks, and is somewhere between taking one and two naps a day. She continues to be a good eater, enjoying most things I put int front of her. We did allow some sugar into her diet after her first birthday. She loves trips to the local tasty freeze for a kiddie strawberry ice cream cone. (Something her Poppy got her hooked on:)
icecreamShe has even been enjoying picking tomatoes right out of the garden and letting the juice and seeds drip down her chin as she munches! At her 15 month appointment she was in the 64th percentile for height, and the 67th percentile for weight with a perfect curve. We did two weeks of swim lessons where she loved to splash and play and never seemed to mind being dunked under the water by mommy!
swimmMy favorite new Georgie thing is her love for her books. That’s ALL she plays with. She calls them “bobby”. She sits and reads book after book; looking, flipping pages, and babbling the whole way through. She also constantly climbs up into your lap to have you read the bobby to her. She points at all of the pictures and lets out a huge gasp as you tell her the story. It’s just too sweet.

Working with Baby in Tow:
I continue to offer fitness classes, trainings, and coaching with clients who don’t mind Georgie being with me. Though I am often tempted to do MORE, I feel called to be home with her, and I don’t want anything to take away too much time from the homestead right now. She is my number one priority, and I feel so fortunate to be able to do what I love and have her with me. I absolutely love when all the kids come to classes while the parents are gettin’ it done! It’s sometimes crazy, but it’s real life-and I love the chaos of it all. We are a team! Many times the kids even work out with us. Those are some good workouts…they will get your energy up! I continue to try to meet as many of the wants/needs of my clients as far as formats, personal training opportunities, and fitness coaching. My greatest temptation is to say yes to all the opportunities, but again, I practice restraint and look to make the best business/work decisions that will serve my family well during this season.
summer bootcampFinding Strength as a Mom:
Something miraculous happens when you become a mom…or a dad for that matter:) I really do feel mentally and physically stronger than ever right now. I am not sure how or why, but I do.

I value mental toughness. Grit. I believe that the attitude comes before the feeling. I work on this like I do my physical body. I strive for perspective and positivity. I am not perfect in this, but I often choose my mood-actively pushing away negativity and bad thoughts. This is not the same as battling depression or anxiety. Those are real biochemical conditions and situations that often cannot be avoided. Help should always be sought out to assist in that case.  However, choosing my mood and digging around to find a “why” to anxiety, grumpiness, or moodiness always helps.

Perspective helps me when I am so sleep deprived my eyes burn. I often say something to myself like, she’s just going through something and it will pass. Perspective helps me when I have had a busy day that didn’t go as planned and I got nothing done, yet I am exhausted. Even if it wasn’t a great day, it was a great day. I am home with my daughter and I get to be with her every day. It’s a great day. Perspective helps me when I am stressed. With so many bad things happening in the world, my problems are minor. I am rich, privileged , and truly blessed.

As I continue to work on gently weaning Georgie (and me!) from breastfeeding my body is ever so slowly starting to lose the last of the pregnancy weight. No matter, I feel stronger than ever. I have spent the last year consistent in my workouts, and over the last 3-4 months especially, I feel strong! Maybe it’s the constant lifting up and down all day of that little 22 pound weight, all those extra steps from chasing her and multiple walks around the park. Or maybe it’s just pushing harder in my workouts because my hour a day is my one thing that’s for me. I use it to de-stress, re-energize, socialize, feel good about my body, and get happy! I am running and pushing a stroller filled with water bottles, snacks, books, pacifiers, sunscreen, and bug spray. Oh yeah, and the dog is with us too. I am NOT fast, but I feel strong doing this! It may not be pretty, but I am out of the house and doing it. All moms understand that this is a big deal! I feel strong just modeling fitness to Georgie. I will intentionally never bring up size or weight with her. But continue to emphasize how awesome moving makes us feel.

As some of you know I am running the Rugged Maniac Race with some friends on Saturday. I can’t explain it, but doing this race represents this past year of motherhood to me. I want to do it because it is going to be a fun-filled dirty journey filled with many obstacles I have never seen. Some will be easy and some will be too difficult for me to do alone. I need to pace myself through the race anticipating the unexpected and ready to dive in head first if need be. I won’t be graceful and have to have a sense of humor about the experience! I know I will be having a blast even though I am going to get some bumps and bruises. I will learn something about the course along the way, and hindsight will be 20/20 after many of the challenges hopefully helping me to have learned something about the obstacle and able to move forward stronger from it. I am running for Georgia and running for my husband. I want to show them that they have made me stronger this year, and crossing that finish line dirty, bruised, and smiling means so much to me!
me and gPost race update to come!

What in your life has made you stronger?

Your Trainer,

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  • Love love love hearing what you’re up to and that you’re doing well and feeling strong. I especially love the yoga stretch video. Yoga in any quantity is a plus: 52 minutes or 52 seconds 🙂 I look forward to joining you on a walk or light run in the near future! Good luck with the race this weekend!!!

  • I loved this entire post! Loved the updates. And also so proud of your self awareness, strength, and perspective. Mamahood has made me stronger as well that is both exhausting and reassuring!! I can’t wait to see your house!!!!!