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What’s in My Gym Bag?

My 1 year old Georgia is very into the “I take things out” game. So naturally when I left my gym bag on the floor she took it completely apart. This inspired me to write about what exactly is IN there, what’s in yours, and what should be in there!
gym bag 1
My business cards.
gym bag 2I have these stashed everywhere. My gym bag (I give these out often so people can find me and Habitude happenings on social media.), wallet, stroller, diaper bag…It’s great to have one handy to provide an easy way to connect with people.

Heart rate monitor.

gym bag 8It’s been a while since I used this, but I love tracking my heart rate during spin, HIIT, and runs. It can be very telling to see if you’re actually in the zone you need to be.

Headphones, hairband, and back-up CD. 

gym bag 9I rarely use my head phones anymore. Most of my workouts are in a group fitness class, and when I go out for a run I play the music without them so Georgia can hear it too!:) As an instructor, it’s always good to have a back-up in case there are issues.

Baby books!
gym bag 3My daughter is really getting into books lately. I have them everywhere. In the car, in the house, in my gym bag…She loves looking at them and “reading” them.

Spin shoes.

gym bag 7My goodness do these things stink! I spray Lysol in them after every class, but honestly they stay in my gym bag 99% of the time. Though I have a spin bike at home, I use my days off for a run rather then saddling up here at home during the nice weather months!


gym bag 10Pretty obvious, right. Another thing I have in several different place as not to be without!

Hand sanitizer, deodorant, hair tie, and body spray.

gym bag 12This hand sanitizer is usually with my diapers and is a great little product that doesn’t leave your hands feeling…hand sanitized?!? (I prefer soap and water, but sometimes you just gotta.) The Honset Brand feels really good.

Epic Organics is an amazing company that hand makes all of their products. THIS DEODORANT WORKS! You’ll never go back after trying their deodorant, and all the different scents will give you many options to find your fav!

I like to say, “I Febreeze myself” after a workout if I need to go straight into a few errands before hitting the shower. I would tell the guys to carry some Axe for the same purpose, but honestly, they have usually left class, showered and are walking out to their cars before I even leave the classroom.

I always loose those hair ties, so it’s great to have extra on hand! And it’s nice to have some in case some one else forgot one. Then you can lend one out!:)

Essential oils.

gym bag 6I love offering a little quiet time at the end of a class…any class! What a treat to rub some essential oils on a clients neck as they wind down and stretch. I love using this eucalyptus right before class on myself if I need a little umph!

Padded bike seat.

gym bag 14I have been spinning for years, but I still like to have a little extra cushion!

My spin notes.

gym bag 4This little notebook is OLD! The pages are falling out, and Georgie pulled out what was left of it. A few years ago I scanned all my workouts that were on paper into my computer, and since then, all my programming has gone paperless. But this little book has all my favorite spin workouts over the years and it’s the perfect size to sit on the handle bars to refer to during the workout. It’s also nice to have a notebook in your bag. You never know when you need to jot something down. (Yes…I still like paper and pencil from time to time!)


gym bag 13These aren’t mine…baby sized box of raisins for little baby hands.:)

Although there is a lot of stuff in this bag, there are a few things that aren’t in there that I need to add for my bag to feel complete:
1. Socks-especially in summer I wear flip flops a lot. I often find myself forgetting to grab some socks before class, so I like to keep a clean pair in there.
2. Mommy snacks-Many time you are running around before or after class and you just didn’t have time to eat. Having some protein powder/bar, or a granola bar could save you!
3. Phone charger-wouldn’t you just hate to show up to the gym without your tunes ready to go?! Phone charger is a must!

I would love to hear about some essential things that you have in your bag!

Thanks to my 1 year old for making a huge mess to inspire this post! I love you and our messy house Georgie!
gym bag 15Your Trainer,

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