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Check in Tuesday! Mid-Summer Habitudes!

Hey guys! I hope that you all had an awesome holiday weekend! We definitely enjoyed our long weekend here, but had to stay close to home as we have had a TON of work to do in our new home and packing up our old one! We have 2 weeks left until we have to be out and moved into our little “fixer-upper!”
fixer upperThis morning I was off from teaching classes and decided to head over to the new house and do one of our “staycation” workouts in the backyard while Georgie and Wyatt played. Check out our Vacation/Staycation blog post for the perfect go-to workout ideas.

40 sumo squats from "The 100" workout!

40 sumo squats from “The 100” workout!

the 100I think that it is so important to be flexible with your workouts. I love my routine and classes, but I do not want to be a slave to them. When it comes to summer, you want to be active and have fun. You also want to feel your best. Making your workouts a priority is a must, but deciding what a workout can look like has tons of flexibly.

Having a good playlist is CRUCIAL when it comes to getting motivated for those sweat sessions. Here is my newest music to totally jam out to. I just went for a run with the dog and jogging stroller yesterday and this playlist was perfect. I don’t even wear headphones but play the music loud for Georgie to hear too!

running habitudesSummer Free Time:
Between classes and packing, Georgie and I have been trying to spend time with lovely people outside and getting into the water! We love the fresh air and splashing around.
wyatt poolCooking! (Or lack of!) We love to grill in the summer. After Georgie’s dinner, playtime, and bath, we put her down for the night and begin our dinner/adult time. We have been eating much later than we would like, but sitting out by the grill and chatting while the meat and veggies cook is an important part of our day. Grilling serves many purposes for us! Healthy, easy, tasty good eats, and much-needed talk time!

Chicken kabob prep! We make these once a week! The key is to marinate your chicken!

Chicken kabob prep. We make these once a week. The key is to marinate your chicken!

I have a couple of books going right now, as usual. However I just finished hands down, the best diet book I have ever read. (And I have read a BUNCH!) I have recommended it to my friends and clients, and look to have a couple of breakout sessions with some willing patrons to discuss the chapter questions. This book is geared more toward the ladies, but anyone could benefit from reading it.
The Secret of Your Naturally Skinny Friends by blogger Monica Swanson will only take you a few short reading sessions, or afternoon at the pool to get through. Please try it!
skinny friendsThis year I put a garden in at our new house. It’s actually going well considering I really don’t know much about gardening yet. We are enjoying watching the peppers come in and the little green tomatoes are starting to show. Georgie’s Nana even brought us a blueberry bush that we have been nibbling off of just a week after planting!bb bush

blueberries 2blueberries 2Soon, we will be in our new home and be saying goodbye to our first home together. It will be so bittersweet, as so much of life is. We are grateful the provisions and opportunity to be able to take on a fun and exciting project like this. It is stressful at times, don’t get me wrong, but all, in all this is the good stuff in life; this is the memory making.

Keep making memories this summer and enjoy!
Your Trainer,

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