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Vacation or Staycation Workouts!

It’s hard to keep track of all my local peeps and if they are coming or going. It’s been challenging to schedule in routine workouts with everyone. You know what? That’s OK! Summer is all about living in the moment, saying yes to fun, spending time with your kids, traveling, and using everyday activities to make for a good workout!

Here are a few quick workout ideas to squeeze into your busy summer days and traveling! I recommend grabbing your kids, neighbor, or BFF and squeezing these in together!

the 100
Arm circuit
the family workout

Check out my after work, Tuesday Tabata workout if you missed it!
Spending time at the pool or lake?
Check out my Hit the Pool Deck post!
poolThis one is killer. A GREAT go to if you need to squeeze in one that is really going to count…this is the “magic” you want to squeeze in, to really see results!
magic bullet
Save these to your phone or make a Pinterest board for easy access.
Enjoy your summer workouts, healthy clean eats, occasional treats, and having fun with all of your family and friends!
beach bum

Your Trainer,

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