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Check in Tuesday: Habitude Happenings!

As my sweet little baby takes her afternoon nap, I quickly folded a load of laundry, made a phone call, and now am catching up with some blogging! (Just got done with a new workout for Thursday! It’s a good one, so be sure to check in!)

It has been a great Spring here in Chicagoland, though it seems we can’t get more than just a few nice days consecutively. Today it has been a dark rainy day, but as I look ahead in the forecast I am already planning some outdoor activities as things shape up!

Gathered some friends friends for Yoga in the park on one of our nice days!

Gathered some friends for Yoga in the park on one of our nice days!

Habitude Fitness News:
Keeping up the blog has been harder than I thought now that my daughter is growing. When she was just a newborn, blogging was just as easy as it had always been. However, now that she is BUSY when she’s up, I need to find time during naps or after she goes to bed. Though I am still delivering posts to you, my ideas for growth have often been put on the back burner. Videos, t-shirts, ads, affiliates, guest posts, and learning to use my DSLR and photo shop are all on my to-do list. I am working on it, but not as quickly as I would like. I try to balance out my days with what needs to get done for home/family and work on trainings/blogging. I love how I get to spend my time right now, and wouldn’t change it! Thank you for your loyalty in keeping up with the blog. I am so grateful!

Recently I got certified and am now a PiYo Live instructor. I needed a change of pace as a trainer and what I was able to offer clients. This has been the perfect challenge for me, and I am having a lot of fun with it. I have been practicing for a couple of weeks now, and look to start teaching classes by June if not before. If you haven’t tried PiYo before I highly recommend it. If you are a high energy person like me and high intensity is what you know, it will be good for you. It keeps you moving, provides stretching and strengthening, and delivers a fun workout. Even if you aren’t high energy, give it a try! It’s low impact, so your knees and back will thank you!PiYo_Live_Metallic_4C_L (1)
Habitude Fitness classes have done really well this Spring! I have had a committed group of morning groupies that is growing, and we have had a blast getting stronger together, kids in tow! The current schedule is:
Mondays-Strength stations (These. Are. Killer!) 8:30 a.m.
Thursday- Kettlebell cardio (coming soon!) 8:45 a.m.
Friday- $5.00 Fitness Friday (this is a no equipment HIIT class!) I would love to follow this up with a shorter Piyo class as well! 9:00 a.m.

I continue to teach at my home, the Libertyville Sports Complex, with all my peeps! Wednesdays is spin at 8:30, and Saturdays is HIIT at 8:00!

In June we are hoping to add PiYo on Tuesdays and Rugged Maniac Training on Sundays. If you are local and interested in any of these, please reach out and let me know! I am open to adding more classes if there is interest and commitment, so don’t be shy!

For those of you who are not local, stay connected on the blog and on social media as I try to post segments from our workouts throughout the summer to keep you on track from afar!

Kids are always welcome!

Kids are always welcome!

A Typical Day With My 1-year-old:
As a stay at home mom, I actually really like having something to do every morning. Routine really makes life easier for us. After Georgia wakes up between 6:00 and 7:00 we have breakfast and are out the door every day by 8:00 for trainings/classes. Even on Sundays we are up and at ’em to get to 9:00 a.m. church. After we are done we head home for morning nap (usually about 1.5-2 hours) and then she is up for lunch. During her morning nap time I usually make my smoothie and hit the shower post workout. Hopefully I have a little time for some chores around the house too. (I have learned that there is no point to folding laundry while she is up…she just takes it all out of the basket and throws it around. Cute-yes. Helpful-no.) After lunch we run errands, play on the floor, read, walk to the park, or meet up for a play date. Then back home for a nap between 2:00-3:00. Here is when I try to get my personal things done while she sleeps! Reading, blogging, creating and practicing workouts, recipe Pinning:)…When she wakes up from her afternoon nap it’s about time to feed her dinner. Her current favorite foods are; scrambled eggs, avocado, strawberries, and cottage cheese to name a few! Girl can eat! She loves meal time, and I do too. I don’t mind the mess…for now. She’s just too cute! After dinner, if it’s not raining, we go for a walk with the dog in the neighborhood. We get back in and play, do bath time, and before we know it, it’s time for bed. After she’s down I start the grown up’s dinner. Work week evenings as a couple usually consist of chatting about the day, a little Netflix, and a decent bedtime. The days go quick as I’m sure yours do too!

My partner in crime!

My partner in crime!

No matter if you are a working mommy or daddy, or at home full-time, our days are busy! I just listened to a podcast this morning on how this generation of parents has created so much pressure on themselves and their kids to be happy, successful, and perfect (Especially when comparing our kids to other kids). To sum it up, we create the life we live for the most part, and it doesn’t need to be so stressful. As much as I want to be super fit and healthy, my business to take off, provide quality content to my readers, and cook dinner every night, being present with my little family comes first. I am not trying to add more to my plate, but rather am trying to carefully choose what I say yes and no to. I hope you too are choosing well to try to create the work/life balance you are after! downdoggie

So that’s what’s up with me! What’s up with you? (Seriously…what’s up with you?:)
Your Trainer,

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