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Habitudes That Work: Results From This Community!

I currently have got some fitness friends who are making phenomenal improvements in their health, weight-loss efforts, and lifestyle habitudes.

Here are some of the habitudes that are getting them ahead!DSC_9838-2

Dining Out Choices:
Instead of ordering fries, he now orders the veggies, salad, or even coleslaw. Even when he finds himself in a situation where there are little healthy options, he is staying away from old habits of double cheeseburgers and sticking with fish, salads, and anything that is just better. Not perfect, just better! Making these little choices over and over again deliver big results in the long-term!salad 2

Several clients and friends are getting accountable instead of trying to do it on their own. And…IT’S WORKING! Check-ins, texting, Facebook, group workouts, and fitbit are a few things that are going on with my peeps! Read last week’s post on this topic to get details on how you can do this too!yoga

Cutting Back on the Sugar:
It’s not a surprise that consuming too much sugar will derail almost any attempt to get fit and healthy. Eating refined sugar just makes you want more…SUGAR! It is very addicting and hard to control with will power alone. Your brain’s pleasure centers light up and naturally craves more pleasure. I have some clients (myself included) who see great results when they cut way back on the refined stuff and replace it with more healthy fats, proteins, and/or low GI fruit options! Check out this post I did for some cutting back on sugar tips!eat from the earth

Meal Planning:
Most of my clients don’t get too fancy with this, but I have a few who HAVE to be prepared for the week or when the hurry of life hits (as it always does), they are reaching for and eating whatever is fast and available. Heading to the store on Sunday and stocking up on healthy foods for the week is the night and day difference for them!

My peeps are getting places because they are really into pushing themselves past what is comfortable. We are all dripping in sweat during our group trainings. Muscles are burning, hearts are pumping, arms are shaking, and yes, sometimes we feel like we want to puke…just for a minute;) I am seeing my friends grow in leaps and bounds in their fitness, form, flexibility, and CONFIDENCE because they are doing things in their workouts that are challenging! I saw people sprinting their hearts out this past weekend that never thought they would run, let alone enjoy it. But they love how it makes them feel, as well as the results it gives them on the inside and out. INCREDIBLE!!

Take these habitudes and apply them to your own life today. You won’t feel different tomorrow, but I promise that if you keep at it and choose them again and again, you will look and feel healthier very soon. Best of all, you will be happier AND healthier!DSC_5352-3122299552-O

Your Trainer,

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