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Get Accountable. Don’t Hide. You Don’t Have to be Perfect!

One of the best tools I use for results for myself and for my clients is accountability. Head to a Weight Watchers meeting or recruit a friend to walk with you every night; having a partner/partners in crime is so effective in staying the course to health and wellness, your results will blow you away.image10_picmonkeye

Big goals or small: No more junk food, no more couch potato, no more aches and pains, no more restless nights, no more high cholesterol, no more candy bars, no more soda, no more smoking, no more eating out, no more skipping the gym…

Do it.

If you think you can reach your goals all on your own, I would be surprised if you can actually pull it off. I am not trying to be a pessimist here, I am just being honest. The day will come when you are too tired to exercise, are craving greasy carbs, or are tempted to light up. What will you do if your own will power just isn’t enough to get through those guaranteed tough times?

Whatever your goals are for your health, fitness, and wellness, figure out a way to stay accountable right now! Depending on how you tick, there are several ways to get accountable that will work for you. Here’s a few of my suggestions:

Recruit a friend.
Do you have a friend who will be honest with you? Tell you the truth if you need it? Say the hard stuff? Call them up right now and ask them to hold you accountable with check-ins or even better, join you! Be specific to what you actually need from them to stay the course! This could be a friend, co-worker, spouse…you know your person. Reach out!DSC_9819

Join a fitness gym or studio.
If you begin going to a regular fitness class, you will start to see many of the same people show up on those designated days and times. Once you start going a few times, the first class you miss people will notice, (Hopefully the instructor too! I sure do!) and they will ask where you’ve been! Going to group fitness classes provides built in accountability.No_Print_Web_Sharing_Only_DSC_-2422945163-OSign up for a group or challenge.
Many places offer weekly meeting, measurements, weighs-in, calories counting, online training, and cash prizes to the “biggest loser”. Having this commitment may be just what you need to make the changes you need to make and reach your goals. There are many online groups that you can sign up for too. Social media and technology makes it extremely easy to check-in, ask questions, get accountable, and seek encouragement! (I hope you follow Habitude Fitness for some extra motivation on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!)
If you need some help finding an online source that might be a good fit for you, let me know!burpee

Get a digital pal.
Wearbales like fitbit and Nike Fuel can create an awareness and provide accountability. Counting steps, calories, movement, and sleep is a huge help. If your Fit Bit reflects you’ve been sitting for too long, it’s probably right! Looking at how many steps you’ve taken or how many calories you’ve burned can be very telling. (Uh-o, time to get up and move!) I love that you can friend others who wear Fit Bit and do mini group challenges. This again provides another layer to success and it’s fun.fb

Now…it doesn’t do any good if you are not accurate in your calorie counting, don’t tell you friend about the drive through Dunkin incident, or look away from your Fit Bit every time it only reads 2,000 steps when you lie in bed at night. The point of all of this is not hiding and finally reaching your goals. You must reach out AND be honest about how you are feeling, what’s going through your head, and what your struggles are. There is something about opening up to someone about all of this that decreases the power it has over you. The point is to not be guilted into doing better, but feeling encouraged and supported to want to do better. Not perfect…just better. And when you get better, then shoot for getting a littler better yet. And so on, and so on…

How are you going to get accountable today?

Your Trainer,


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