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Friday Favs!

People in my neck of the woods are smiling from ear to ear. Why? Because last week in Chicagoland it was snowing and this week it feels like Spring! With the forecast setting us up to be in the 60’s and even the 70’s (here’s hoping!), people are out and about and loving it!

Time to get out there guys!

Time to get out there guys!

My Favorite New Workout:
Yesterday in my HIIT class we did 3 different circuits of this 10 to 1 drill. Here’s how it goes:
Complete 10 reps of first exercise, and then 10 reps of the second. Then back to the first move for 9, and the second move for 9, then 8, 8, 7, 7, and so on until you get to 1 rep of each.
Holy. Cow.
10 to 1

My Favorite New Outfit:
This week I shared how I LOVE Wal-Mart’s quality, style, and PRICES on workout apparel.

Mom and Baby on the go! Guess what? I have been buying my workout gear from Wal-Mart for a couple of years now! You can’t beat the prices, the quality has gone waaay up (no wedgies!;), and their stuff is really cute! Currently they have tons of solid neon tops made from breathable material to mix and match with fun printed bottoms. I have a pair of basic black capris I have worked out in for 2 years! They are my favorite pair and are holding up well after all this time! I love this pop of green to inspire some Spring around here! Top was 8 bucks, new sports bra was 7, and the bottoms were $15.00. Woohoo!! #fitness #fitnessapparel #busymom #activewear #walmart #wallieworld #budget #savemoney #exercise #fashion #fitnessfashion #goodhabits #habitudefitness #health #healthy #fitmom #spring #springfashion2016 #workit #goaldigger

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My Favorite Date Night:
It has taken us years, but I think we have finally achieved the homemade pizza we were after. Always (or least most of the time) looking to create a healthy meal, our attempts at whole wheat and cauliflower crusts were good, but…it wasn’t cutting it when we were really craving that thin, chewy, crispy, wood fire-like pizza. And so, sometimes we would need to indulge and order out. But then we decided that using good quality ingredients every once in a while when we wanted pizza was much healthier than ordering out. SO, I found an amazing crust recipe, a simple homemade red sauce that we double or triple to keep on hand in the freezer, fresh mozzarella, basil from our herb garden, and some chicken sausage for a little protein. And…
It. Is. Amazing. date night
We like doing this for a date night because it doesn’t require a sitter. The crust has to rise for 2 hours, so we get some family time and then some couple time. We sit in the kitchen sipping wine, talking, and listening to music. When it’s finally ready, we have a movie ready to go. I mean…delicious pizza, Spotify playlists, Netflix, pajamas and no traffic?? It doesn’t get any better than that!
Try our favorite pizza recipe from this awesome blog, A Beautiful Plate, here!

My Favorite New Song:
This is a new tune off my current workout playlist!

Let me know if you try any my favs this weekend! Have a good one!

Your Trainer,



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