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Try it Thursday: Pick a Reason!

My latest mantra to throw at my clients is:

How many days a week should you exercise?
Every day you want to be happy!running

It’s so true! And know that when I say exercise I don’t mean an intense 60 minutes sweat session every day. Even a walk will make you feel sooooo much better in more ways than one!

If you still aren’t convinced you need to exercise daily and make workouts and movement part of your lifestyle, here are 50 MORE reasons why you should change your habitudes and get moving. Did I miss anything?!50

1. Lifts your mood.
2. Improves learning abilities.
3. Builds self-esteem.
4. Keeps your brain fit.
5. Keeps your body fit and able.
6. Boost metabolism.
7. Boosts your immune system.
8. Boosts your mental health.
9. Reduces stress.
10. Has anti-aging effects.
11. Improves skin tone.
12. Boosts mental health.
13. Improves sleeping patterns.
14. Help prevents strokes.
15. Improves joints.
16. Improves muscular strength.
17. Alleviates anxiety.
18. Sharpens memory.
19. Helps to control addictions.
20. Boosts productivity.
21. Boosts creative thinking.
22. Improves body image.
23. Gives you confidence.
24. Helps keep you focused in life.
25. Improves eating habits
26.Increased longevity.
27. Strengthens your bones.
28. Strengthens your heart.
29. Improves posture.
30. Prevents colds.
31. Improves appetite.
32. Improves cholesterol levels.
33. Lowers risks of certain cancers.
34. Lowers high blood pressure.
35. Lowers risk of diabetes.
36. Fights dementia.
37. Ease back pain.
38. Decreases osteoporosis risks.
39.Reduces feelings of depression.
40. Prevents muscle loss.
41. Increase energy and endurance.
42. Increase sports performance.
43. Increase pain resistance.
44. Improves balance and coordination.
45. Improves oxygen supply to cells.
46. Improves concentration.
47. Helps with self-control.
48. Lessens fatigue.
50. Improves Quality of Life!

Why do you workout? Or why do you want to start?
Your Trainer,

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