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Check in Tuesday: When You Need Help Getting Motivated…

This morning I woke up and I’m not going to sugar coat it…it was cold and miserable and I wasn’t feelin’ it. We have been blessed in Chicagoland with some really nice days sprinkled into our long winter, and I am not the only one with a little more pep in my step because of the sunshine. Today I didn’t want to get up, get dressed, go lead my workout class, go the grocery, or work on the blog. But of course, I got my butt up and moving. I got dressed, got Baby dressed, made us each breakfast, and headed out the door for class. And let me tell you, it wasn’t but 10 minutes of being there and seeing everyone with the music going and the workout flowing that I felt like a brand new person! Exercise is always a magic bullet treatment for me…for many ailments!lifestyleDo you ever have those days when all you want to do is jump off the deep end into a sugar coma instead of eating another salad? Maybe you have a hankerin to lay on the couch binge watching Netflix all weekend instead of heading out for a walk with the fam or going for that run? Maybe all your co-workers are heading out for food (fried food, you know it!) and drinks after work and that sounds sooooo much better than getting to your 6 p.m. spin class. Do you ever feel a little like this? Ummmm, yeah! We all do!!

If this is ever you, here are some of my TOP tips to get you motivated to stay the course and choose health! They are simple and extremely effective!

1. Commit to 5 minutes:
Just like what happened to me today, once I started to move I felt great and was so glad I was doing it. Get up and just move for a few minutes! I can absolutely guarantee that 5 minutes will turn into more with ease.

2. Have a motivating playlist:
This is not my workout playlist, but the playlist I use to get me PUMPED UP! The songs that make you drive your car too fast, or that you can’t help but sing at the top of your lungs. Start playing it in the morning while you are getting dressed, in the car on the way to the gym, or in your headphones at the office at the end of the day. Your pump me up songs will get you in the right head place to CRUSH a workout!

Spring Baby Playlist!

3. Get accountable:
I rarely exercise alone. Sometimes I enjoy a run by myself outdoors, but more often I try to drag a friend along. If I am not feelin’ it, I will shoot out a text to a few people and say something like, “who wants to meet up for a walk, run, whatever?” Sometimes five people will show up, and other times just one. Most days of the week I have a fitness class to lead and that commitment with my clients (aka my friends!) keeps me accountable and motivated. Get some people around you to say, “Hey, we missed you on Tuesday…where were you?!”group fitness!

burpeeSpring is around the corner…I just know it! Put the remote and Easter candy down!
Stay motivated! I’m with ya!

Your Trainer,

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