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Try it Thursday: Are You Giving 100%?

I get to have some really amazing and interesting conversations! As you can guess, I often get to chat about fitness and weight loss efforts. In a great conversation with a friend we were both discussing the ups and downs included in this part of life. A piece of advice that I like to offer is to define your new 100%. I too am guilty of remembering what I used to look like, what the scale used to read, and my old mile time. Too often I can strive toward an old vision of myself that used to work in the midst of a very different season of life! I believe what is the most important element in defining our goals is to see where we’re at today, and then to take all that is whirling around us into account when we create some realistic standards around health and fitness!


Example 1:
Pregnancy can take a toll on any woman’s body and fully bouncing back from it can take much longer than any mommy probably realizes. I made a choice to breastfeed which adds another layer of hormones and difficulty losing fat. (Not for all mommies, but for many!) I do not regret this decision, and am so happy to be giving my baby this gift. Formula or breastfeeding (whatever is best for you!), the year post delivery is one that is constantly changing. Me giving 100% to my fitness, diet, and wellness efforts looks so much different than it did before my daughter arrived. Even though I am still holding onto some pounds, I am feeling stronger than ever in body and mind. I give my 20-60 minutes a day of exercise 100% and feel so grateful and energized! I am amazed at what my body has went through and continues to provide despite lack of sleep and ever-changing hormones! Each day I eat nutritious foods, exercise, indulge in a little chocolate, hydrate, and stay active; all while playing on the floor, pinching cheeks, and toting around my bundle of joy. Being patient with my progress and making healthy choices over and over again; this is my current 100%!

I went ahead and bought some inexpensive clothes at Old Navy that fit me now. It was a must. Here is my typical mom look when out of work out gear. Easy, comfy style and a smile! because of that sweet baby!

I went ahead and bought some inexpensive clothes at Old Navy that fit me now. It was a must. Here is my typical mom look when out of work out gear. Easy, comfy style and a smile! because of that sweet baby!

Example 2:
A young man who I know very well has an incredible drive for doing everything at peak performance. This man is an athlete and values health, fitness, and sport. Because of his growing career, being a provider for the family, and managing the role of all things work, life, and family, his workout routine and softball league has had to take a backseat. When it comes to an early morning sweat session or getting an extra hour of sleep after a long night of work, he chooses sleep – and currently that is wise. (Yup! Sometime sleep is a better choice over that workout!) Even though his athletics and fitness protocol are not where they once were, he is giving 100% where he needs to. In order to counter balance this change, he really focuses on his diet, making mindful and healthy choices due to his decreased workout schedule. This is his current 100%.


Example 3:
I know a beautiful young lady who is newly married, partakes in long work days, and has a busy life in love, career, and family. She reminisces about the young 20 something body she developed before a previous vacation. This friend has also been battling celiac disease and regulating what her body can eat. Cutting foods out, and adding them back in has been anything but easy. Slowly but surely her body is agreeing with the changes she has implemented and she is slowly feeling better. When it was just her, it was easy to get to the gym every day and have easy healthy meals afterward. Now with health issues, a relationship, and life settling in, she has had to define her new 100%. She recently told me she hated me for telling her about the new 100%, but that it was a priceless piece of advice that she loves. She has a new 100%, and I am so proud of her and the balance she is creating.


Magazines are filled with airbrushed pictures of people who are paid to look a certain way. Take inventory on your real life and decide if you are giving your health and fitness 100% in your current situation. Our bodies will forever react to lack of sleep, increased stress, changes in finances, longer commutes, pregnancies, babies, health issues, and more. As always, I encourage you to set the bar high and bring it! However, let each of us learn to be proud of the healthy lives we are living. I know you guys, and you all work so hard!!
Try it: Define your 100%…for today!

Your Trainer,

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