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Weekly Workout Schedule: # 2!

This week I am off to Florida for a few days. Before I leave I like to make sure all my clients feel good about their health and fitness for the week without me. If you are out of your normal routine this week due to Spring Break, have no fear…I have got you covered with this weekly schedule! All of these workouts will serve you well if you are short on time or traveling with your family. lifestyleMonday
Walk, run, or sprint your heart out! Pump your arms, move your legs, and clear your head! 15-30 minutes will do! Then, complete this arm and leg pyramid.
gun show

leg pyramid!
Complete this at home (or in the hotel room!) HIIT workout. Do 30 seconds of each move 2-3 times through!

Jumping jacks
Quick feet taps
Sumo squats
Squat hold with alternating heel lifts
Squat hold with heel lifts
Criss cross squats
Drop it like it’s hot!
Jab cross
Jab, cross, jab, knee!
Drop it like it’s hot!
Jab cross
Jab, cross, jab, knee!
Lateral hops to burpees

Check out my quick demo video!

Try this Spring running workout. Follow the instructions for each song! Not a runner? Head to a spin class, ride your bike, or grab the family for a nice long walk!

Try this AMRAP workout and finish off with some of my favorite stretches.

Head back to the arm and leg pyramid from above and finish off your workout sesh with 20, 20, 20!

Try our Spring Baby Workout!
spring baby workoutSunday:
Active Rest Day! Take a walk or a play in the park with the family after Easter brunch or dinner!yoga
Work hard this week!
Your Trainer,


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