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3 Tips to Ensure Weight-loss, Health, and Fitness Success!

Pick your fitness program, choose your eating habits. After that is in place (as I always say, it doesn’t matter so much what exactly you choose to do…just pick something that works for you and do it!) stick to these 3 tips and I promise you will reach your goals!DSC_2680-3-2417520441-O
If you have healthy habits and attitudes most of the time you will see the results you are after and maintain them. In that same vein, you will also reap what you sow if you have unhealthy habitudes most of the time. If you have a desk job and your afternoon snack is usually a Snickers and a Mountain Dew, one day of carrot sticks will not give you the health, weight-loss, and fitness benefits you are after. Most of the time you need to get up throughout the day, take the stairs, go for an evening walk, eat a salad for lunch, drink water, and get to bed at a decent time. If you do this, you can totally have a Snickers and not blink! But after the Snickers, head home for a healthy dinner and a workout-do NOT allow the what the hell effect to take over by ordering a pizza and binging on ice-cream because you “already blew it!” Again, eat right and exercise most of the time.

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Don’t do it alone! Want to change your eating habits? Recruit your spouse and kids to get on board. Healthy eating isn’t just good for you, it’s good for everyone you are around. This includes your friends and co-workers! If your peeps know you are working to get better habits in place, tell them and ask for their support. Having people on board will help you stay on track when those dates nights, book clubs, and working lunches come up. Take it a step further and pick a partner in crime. A buddy to meet you at your group fitness classes or for these early morning walks is key. If no one is counting on you, you will be much more likely to sleep in or take a pass. If you need to spend some money on a trainer, coach, or nutritionist…do it! Money spent on these things to get you healthier is money well spent. 

I have several clients texting me their food log at the end of each day. I am giving them a grade (A-F) on their choices. The accountability in this has been a huge for them. We are seeing the scale move and blood pressures go down! Who can you reach out to and work with today?

You can crash diet and see some major pounds go away fast. But, maintaining that loss and that extreme way of eating and/or exercising is difficult for the long haul. I promise, if you are patient with your program, you will see results. And I mean patient! Check in at 3, 6, and 9 months to evaluate how things are going. And then at the 1 year mark, really look back and say, Wow! Look at all the positive changes that have happened over this year. Lasting habitude changes take time! And this will take a ton of patience. But all of your hard work WILL pay off! The good news is, when you eat right and start moving, you will feel the difference right away. BUT, to reach your goals and full potential may take longer than you want it to…and that’s ok. Hang in there and press on!keep going
Health and fitness is so much more of a mindset discipline that we realize. Keep these points in mind, and I KNOW you will get to the healthy places you wish to be!

Your trainer,

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