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Baby Habitudes: Itching for Spring!

It’s been a while since I have done a Baby Habitude post! I have so many fitness friends who have little ones or are in hopes to be pregnant soon. I am NO expert on all things baby, but I do love being a mommy. I will always gladly share my own experience with anyone who wouls like to hear more.

My sweet Peach will be 10 months old on March 4th. I have no idea how the times goes so fast. I feel like she just got here yesterday, yet it’s hard to remember life without her.

In November we took our first plane ride to Port Aransas Texas for a wedding. It was a great flight. Georgia was pretty adaptable and overall did well. We extended our time on the Gulf and enjoyed a family vacation. texas

Over the holidays we enjoyed great family time in Ohio and Indiana. From there we took our first long road trip with baby to Tennessee to see Georgie’s grandparents and then the 3 of us vacationed to North Carolina for some post holiday R&R. We enjoyed exploring Asheville and Greenville North Carolina.

Hiking in January near Greenville North Carolina.

Hiking in January near Greenville North Carolina.

We also endured our first sickness with Baby Georgia. RSV and an ear infection made for a few rough days, and weeks of a snotty nose. Being a Respiratory Therapist I was familiar with this diagnosis and was ready to monitor and care for her at home. She healed up great. (It was much harder on me than anyone else!)

In mid-November we started sleep training. After our pediatrician encouraged us to do it, and we were emotionally ready (by we, I mean me), we gave it a try. It was difficult, but now she is doing pretty good with sleeping. I still go into rock and nurse my sweet baby when need be, but overall she is getting the hang of it. I read books and blogs about babies and sleep, but I think the best thing to do is what’s best for your family!

Having a little one sure does make the winter days fly by. However, Georgie, Wyatt, and I are itching to get back to spending much of our free time outside in the fresh air and sunshine. Whenever the weather breaks and is tolerable, you’ll find us on a walk or the forest preserve.

Love my Ergo Baby 360 carrier!

Love my Ergo Baby 360 carrier!

It amazes me how passive I am in the process of her development. Of course, I am always talking to her and trying to teach her things, but truly she just grows overnight and is able to do things one day, that she couldn’t do the day before. Currently, Georgia’s crawling is flawless, she babbles and is extremely expressive, she is more interested in her toys, is eating 3 meals a day in addition to breastfeeding, taking a morning and afternoon nap, and wakes up once in the night. She laughs with her belly, is happy and smiley most of the time, is working on clapping, and is more expressive telling me what she does and doesn’t like!
My Winter Baby Habitudes:
Working with a Baby in Tow

Taking her with me to all my classes and trainings is perfect for me. When my clients signed back on with me, I told them this was my situation. They absolutely didn’t mind that Georgia would be with me and she seems to be a bright spot in everyone’s morning. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate having a group of people who fully understand what it’s like to have kids. Because of their flexibility, I have gotten to continue to do something I am passionate about AND be a full-time Mommy. We are at the gym 5 days a week. It’s the best!baby at the gym

Black Friday boot camp. Food Drive for the Food Bank!

Black Friday boot camp. Food Drive for the Food Bank!

Healthy Eats
I have had so much fun making homemade baby food. It has been so easy and every new food is an experience. To make sure my freezer was stocked, I would pick a day and make big batches of pureed sweet potatoes, butternut squash, broccoli, peas, and even brussel sprouts. The first time she had yogurt was hilarious as she shuttered with each sour tasting bite.
Now she is all about feeding herself. She loves picking up bites of pancake, avocado, banana, and scrambled egg.baby food

My Fitness Journey
Mommy diet and fitness with a baby is more of a mental game than anything else for me. I actually do have time to workout on my own, in the house or at the gym. My workouts serve me well by giving me energy. I eat healthy, whole foods most of the time. Having the energy at the end of the day to cook dinner can be difficult, but somehow there is food on the table each night. As I said in my last baby habitude post, I still have not lost all of my pregnancy weight, even knowing all I know, and doing all I do! Breastfeeding may help some women lose weight, yet some may hold on to fat due to the hormone prolactin. Many women do not shed the last few pounds until the baby weans from the breast. Despite healthy efforts to shed these pounds, I have not. And I am choosing to be ok with that. I feel really great in my workouts. I also eat really well and reach for foods that are good for me and good for baby. workout mommy

OK, pass this onto any mom you know…

Here’s the thing Ladies, we do not give our bodies enough credit! They do amazing things when we are pregnant and give birth. Ah.Maz.Ing!! It is so conflicting when the media puts actresses on magazine covers stating that they are bikini ready just 4 weeks after giving birth. This is very confusing for us. In one hand, we praise moms for who they are and what they do. On the other hand, we expect them to bounce back to pre-baby shape instantly. For most of us that just isn’t realistic. Not because of a lack of effort, but because that just isn’t how the body works! Even a year after you have your baby, it is still going through many changes. It really takes time. Choosing love and acceptance for my mommy body is a daily choice. I am not perfect at this at all! However, it is a message I want to believe and pass on. Exercise should be something you do to make you feel good and get/keep you healthy as a new mom. No pressure! Food should be the same way. Eat for energy. Lord knows you are most definitely sleep deprived!

Read my Women Getting Honest About Body Image post for more on this!

Baby habitudes…everyone has their own style. I really enjoy discovering what it looks like for me to be a healthy in this new chapter as a mommy!

Your Trainer,

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