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Energy Begets Energy!

Are you struggling with having the energy to get things done? Energy to get a workout in? Energy to create a healthy meal (take-out anyone?!) Energy to do anything other than do what you have to do at work from 9 to 5? Did you know that the amount of energy you have has so much more to do with your mindset than anything physical that you are doing? Here are my top 4 tips to double your energy today!
Energy begets energy.

This is so true! This is where it’s at! The more you do the more you feel like doing!!! Getting started is more than half the battle. From work projects to workouts, once you get going it usually isn’t but a few minutes into it that you are off to the races. You know I’m right here!elizToo much time with Negative Nancy?
Who do you spend most of your time with? If you hang out with people who are driven, energetic, and positive it will be near to impossible for you to be a Debbie Downer. Lazy isn’t an option when you are around movers and shakers!
Food is key!
You must choose nutritious foods to fuel your day. It’s true, we are what we eat. We have all decided to have those lazy days. You know the ones…a cold snowy day filled with stretchy pants, Netflix, cinnamon rolls, Swedish Fish, or pizza delivery. Ugh…what do you feel like doing after that but going to bed early? I mean you’re exhausted from doing all that nothing all day. Each day look to choose foods to energize your day. Whole clean foods are best!
 roasted veggiesSleep.
In order to gain strength and become more fit you will need your rest. Be sure to value bedtime and aim to get 7-8 hours a night. Sleep is the ultimate fuel. It is the time when we heal, repair, and recharge in body, mind, and spirit. Don’t let I’m too tired be an excuse for you to not do the things you want to do!just usI always say that exercise is the best medicine. While pregnant last year (especially in my first trimester) I was not feeling too hot and was exhausted all of the time. More so than laying down and taking a nap (though that was nice too;), the thing that got me feeling better was a workout! It was VERY hard to get going, but once I got started I felt better for hours later. Even just a walk proved to be the best thing for giving me a boost of energy. Even not pregnant, exercising gives me energy. And know that this is not always a trip to the gym. Standing up at your desk for a stretch, walking around the office, or a midday dance party with your kids will make you feel better than any sugary soda ever will!yogaTry to get a boost with your mindset before reaching for caffeine, sugar, or pills. If you are still struggling, get to your doctor. A simple blood test could reveal that you are in need of some additional help to get some zip back!

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  • Some morning yoga/stretching and meditation help me to set an intention for an energy filled day too. Thanks for all of these great ideas!! Lovin’ the pictures too 🙂

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