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Stop the Yo-Yo and Get Healthy Like Sallie! (P.S. She’s My Mom!)

Today’s transformation is VERY special to me. My mom, Sallie, has spent the better part of a year making some healthy habitude adjustments!

The thing about my mom is she has never been unhealthy. I am sure with her healthy genes, and now healthy habitudes, she will long outlive all of us! Mom’s weight has been up and down over the years, and just like so many of us, when she was ready to lose weight she did so with the popular programs out there. She was always successful. I remember her coming and waking me up for school after getting off the Nordic Track each morning! Mom is very disciplined when she wants to be! But, like many of us, she would get bored and slowly go back to old habits.mom before and after

I never pressured my mom into my wellness viewpoints. I try not to do that with any friends or family members. But when people are ready to talk and bring it up to me, I am more than ready to chat and to help the best I can!

Early last Spring Mom was ready to lose some weight. Like I tell everyone, I am 100% for any program that you connect with that can help you get the ball rolling. I think that it is important to have some rules, structure, and guidelines. Following a plan for a few weeks or months can be just what you need to see some fat lose ASAP. That motivation of seeing the scale move or clothes fit better is all you need to keep going. After you see some results from a plan, then it’s time to begin a journey into healthy, clean eating. A lifestyle you can live with forever! Because my mom is always on the go, and doesn’t love to cook. She chose Nutrisystem.

Mom saw results pretty quickly and started to look and feel great. She didn’t stick with the plan for more than a month before she started to drop the prepared snacks and eat her own clean foods. Dropping snacks led to dropping meals and before she knew it she was eating clean and not missing the junk! I can’t even begin to tell you how proud I am of her! This change is NOT easy! Not only did she do it, she is still doing it!moms tips

Just this week mom was so excited to tell me about the homemade yogurt she made. She saved the whey from it and added it to her homemade bread for extra protein. How awesome is that?! Go Mom! (And now she is making me feel like a total slacker!) She says that trying new things all of the time (like asparagus and homemade hummus!) keep her on track and having fun being healthy. She is finding new foods she didn’t even know she liked!

Mom got a Fitbit a while ago and has no problem getting her 10,000 steps in per day. I even witnessed her running in place at the end of the day once because she was a few steps short. Love it! She is not a formal exerciser, but loves to be active. Owning a horse farm keeps her moving and strong every day. When she is not busy with the horses she loves to be outside working on projects and in the yard in the summer. She stays fit by being active!

My mom, Sallie is exactly what you want a mom to be. She loves deep and she loves wide. She is always here for us, and has become a great friend into adulthood. Her kindness and generosity are true blue. I am so grateful that she decided to get healthy. She has 3 good reasons to want to be at her best now. She’s not a sidelines kind of Nana. She is a get down on the floor and play kind of Nana!
It’s never too late to get healthy! Find some inner motivation on WHY you want to lose weight, get fit, and get healthy. Once you do this, there is no stopping you!

Your Trainer and her Mama,
Cassie and Sallie

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