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A Weekly Schedule!

So much of my business comes from people just needing to be told what to do. Without structure, direction, or a routine, people feel lost when it comes to their workouts. I get it! If you too are struggling with what to do, I can help guide you. Go ahead and bookmark this page now and write each workout in your calendar for this week!weekly workout schedule

Remember, this is just a guide. If you can’t follow this schedule exactly, feel free to flip-flop some days to make it work for you, or add some workouts in where you can. Also, if I recommend an online HIIT workout, and you are headed to the gym for a group class, that will work too! Make this work for YOU. Instructions for each workout, such as reps and rounds, are included in each link!

Cardio day!
Heart Pumping Cardio Circuit
Complete 1-2 x’s through!

OR complete a 5K walk/run.

OR attend a killer cardio class!

EMOM (every minute on the minute) workout!

Tonight try your Commercial Break Workout for a little added bonus round! Share this with a friend to challenge them to do it too!

Choose from one of the routines or make up your own!

Squat Burpee Challenge workout followed by the Best Arm Circuit!

Enjoy a leisure walk, run, elliptical, bike, etc for 30 minutes followed by some focused stretching and foam rolling.

Full Body Circuit

Do something active with your family, friends, or enjoy a leisure walk.

My workouts are quick, effective, and can be done anywhere. Combine this schedule with proper nutrition, hydration, and rest this week and you will be feeling better than ever!

Here is my newest playlist to keep you motivated during your sweat sessions!

Your Trainer,

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