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Try it Thursday: Sprint!

I started adding sprinting to my fitness routine a couple of summers ago. I was amazed at the transformation/edge it brought into my fitness life. I became faster and stronger, leaner, and it made many of my other activities easier. Also, it was the best CORE workout I had ever done. Bonus, you can do it in 10 seconds for less than 10 minutes! Do I have your attention?!

Sprinting is the most convenient form of total body work you can do. As long as you have two working legs, you can sprint absolutely anywhere! Doing a couple of rounds of sprints a couple of times a week will condition the heart, increase your anerobic threshold, improve metabolism, and build lean muscle.

Imagine a sprinter blasting down a track. The arms and legs are pumping and exploding like pistons. This immense force being generated on either side of the body pulls and twists the spine and body back and forth, and side to side. The only reason the body stays ridged and upright is because of the tremendous degree of force and pressure elicited by the contraction of the abdominal wall. The entire abdominal cavity is forced to engage in one monumental effort to stabilize the trunk and internal organs. This force is so powerful that even 1 ten second run can induce massive muscular stimulus on the midsection.
Read more on this at metaboiceffect.com

Here are a few of my favorite drills!
sprintingNot into running, no problem. Sprint on a bike, in the pool, up the stairs, or even lift weights faster (but safely!). Get your sprints in each week. I recommend twice in some form for optimal training and performance! Pair sprinting with a clean diet and you will see a flat belly in no time!

Check out this awesome article on Mark’s Dailey Apple: 15 Reasons to Sprint More This Year!

All ages, all fitness levels, all people…try sprinting!
Your Trainer,

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  • Love this! I think it is a great way to change up a boring/old work out routine! It also can help the time go by on the treadmill to break it into spint/walk intervals! I actually decided to run 2 miles today and end my last lap with a sprint as fast as I could. It is amazing what a release I felt just by giving it my all and getting built up anxiety and tension out. Love it!

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