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Lean, Mean, ‘N Green in ’16!

My family is actually vacationing in South Carolina as I type this first post of 2016! We took off on tour this year visiting family in Indiana, Ohio, Tennessee, and now the 3 of us decided to find some mild weather for the next week before getting back to life in Chicagoland!hike 4Are you IN to get lean, mean, and green in ’16?!?!?!?!
I can’t take the credit for this new mantra…a member of my fitness family posted it on my Facebook page! I loved it right away, but over the last couple of days, I have been giving it a little more thought. What does it really mean to resolve to be lean, mean, and green in ’16?

Give up on skinny. Give up on your pant size. Instead, think of getting lean by getting rid of any extra body fat that is literally and figuratively holding you down. Focus on doing the stairs without getting short of breath, feeling comfortable in your clothes, your cholesterol going down, or playing with the kids/grand-kids. Get lean and have the confidence to travel, try a new hobby, go out and meet new people, declutter the house, or get your budget in order. Getting lean definitely means losing any unhealthy weight you may be carrying. But it can also mean losing the baggage to simplify your life and have the space you then need to do the things you really want and need to do!DSC_4840-2-3089546267-O

You should know me well enough by now to know that I really don’t have a mean bone in my body. Hear me out when I say we need to get mean
Mean for this 2016 mantra is to be
and determined.
If you are ready to take your health and well-being serious, get stronger in body, mind, and soul, and do what it takes to reach your goals. Yeah…let’s get MEAN and NASTY!

This is a lifestyle approach to how you choose what to put into your mouth. Try to eat most of your foods as close to their natural state as possible and eat your veggies!

Vegetables contain an array of antioxidants and other disease-fighting compounds that are very difficult to get anywhere else. Plant chemicals called phytochemicals can reduce inflammation and eliminate carcinogens, while others regulate the rate at which your cells reproduce, get rid of old cells and maintain DNA. Studies have repeatedly shown that people with higher vegetable intake have:

Lower risks of stroke, type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, Alzheimer’s disease and heart disease Lower risks of certain types of cancer, eye diseases and digestive problems Reduced risk of kidney stones and bone loss
Higher scores on cognitive tests Higher antioxidant levels Lower biomarkers for oxidative stress


When choosing your foods think lean (lean protein sources such as lean cuts of meat, fish, eggs, dairy, tofu, grains, nuts, seeds, and plant proteins), clean (choosing foods from the perimeter of the grocery store rather than the middle isles), and green (as many fruit and veggie choices as you can get).

I raided my in-law's fridge during our travels to put together this much needed post holiday salad!

I raided my in-law’s fridge during our travels to put together this much needed post holiday salad!

If you have any questions on how to get started on making this YOUR mantra for 2016, comment below or get in contact with me. I have tons of tips!

Make this the year you get healthy…for reals.





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