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Christmas Habitudes: Be Positive!

Week 1 was to PLAN.
Week 2 was to live in MODERATION.
Week 3 is to BE POSITIVE.

From Thanksgiving to the New Year, there is a whole lot of food, drinks, family, friends, travel, and parties. It can be easy to be in a good mood this time of year. But it can also be challenging…bahumbug
Ba-humbug to crowded stores, spending, busy streets, family tensions, the Post Office and more…
How we deal with the to-do lists, expectations, finances, and family dynamics differ greatly from person to person. We are all so different. We all have baggage don’t we? Even as much as we have to be grateful for, life can still be tough. I am not trying to minimize anyone’s holiday stress, but at the core of all this we can only control one thing: ourselves.

I am not perfect at being positive, and I am first to say I am a work in progress. However, I find that the more I practice being positive the less things get to me. I can only control what I say yes to, how I spend my time, and my own reactions and responses. Giving the benefit of the doubt, choosing conversation over conflict, and shrugging minor things off are what create a peaceful heart. It isn’t perfect, but it is positive. And this habitude is contagious.be positive

I LOVED this SNL skit on how we can all deal with holiday family stress in a more positive, and hilarious, way!

Create time and space for you to eat well, move your body, have a good night’s sleep, and love others. Be positive! Good things will follow!
Your Trainer,

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