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Christmas Habitudes: Moderation!

It’s like many of us have this switch in our brains. During busy times, stressful times, times of change, or times that we are out of our routine, we flip that switch. Once the flip is switched we start panicking, behaving differently, and making choices that don’t really add up.No_Print_Web_Sharing_Only_DSC_-2422936468-O

Times I see the switch flip:
My kids are home *switch flips* (so I buy junk food for them, eat junk food with them, and sit around too much).
I take clients out to dinner for work several nights a week *switch flips* (so I drink more than I should, eat too many rounds out of the bread basket, and always order the rich and luxurious meal because it’s not my dime!).
I am busy *switch flips* (so I don’t get my workout in or eat right. Instead I crash in front of the TV at night for hours on end because I’m so tired.)
I have all these birthday parties, holiday parties, and luncheons to attend *switch flips* (so I keep indulging with everyone else saying that I will start over on Monday).
I’m on vacation *switch flips* (so I drink, eat, and lay around. It’s vacation. I will start over when I get home.)
It’s the holidays *switch flips* (so I put myself in a sugar coma, eat and drink whatever I want, and stay up way too late, with the hopes of losing those extra 5-7 pounds in the New Year as my resolution).

These are a few very real examples that I have heard time and time again. Maybe you can relate? I know I can! Maybe you have your own situation that flips the switch? The key to deactivating that switch in your brain is adopting a habitude of moderation. The idea here is that you are never on a diet and never too far away from fitness. Eating all foods (not labeling foods as good or bad), and always being ready to move your body daily (even if that doesn’t come in the form a formal workout) is just the way you live. When these tempting situations come up, it really shouldn’t matter. Why? Because, you live in a way that you enjoy the things you enjoy in moderation…from chocolate cake to kale smoothies! You are never on or off. You are just living in a healthy mindful way.No_Print_Web_Sharing_Only_DSC_-2422935557-OIf you look for occasions to let go, maybe you should evaluate how you are living your everyday life out? Is your diet too strict and rigid to stick with for the long haul? Are your workouts too early, too intense, or too exhausting, or even too boring to keep coming back to? Are you apathetic to getting healthy and looking for about any excuse to let loose? Only you can reflect and answer this! It would be nice to have me tell you (or Oprah, another fitness infomercial, health coach, doctor, or weight loss guru) that this (fill in the blank) is what you need to do to ensure a long, healthy, fit, fun life. But the only thing you can really do is put trust in yourself. After all, who knows your body better than you?

Practice moderation this holiday season and you will not be far off come New Year’s Day! Have some cookies, and choose a walk instead of a run. Balance out those choices with lean, clean, and green meals, mindfulness, lifting weights, getting good sleep, and Holiday HIIT workouts when you’re short on time. Live in moderation, not in extremes!DSC_0100-3Be sure to review last week’s Christmas habitude if you missed it! Plan!¬†HIIT workout included!
Your Trainer,

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