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Try it Thursday: 100 Miles for the Holidays!

For several holiday seasons now we have done the 100 Miles by New Year Challenge. It’s awesome to see interest spark in people wondering if they can do it. (Um…YES you can do it! Stop wondering!) I love getting updates and check-ins while people are logging their miles! If you would like to start logging, here is how it works:DSC_1831-2201014292-O

1. The Challenge started on Monday on the Facebook page, so look back and log your miles from the last few days if you haven’t already.
2. Count each mile for mile with walking and running. Wear a pedometer or set your phone up to count your steps. At the end of the day, add in those steps to your total!
3. For biking divide your total miles by 3, and for swimming multiple by 3. Every 10 minutes of an intense fitness class can count as a mile. (Use your judgment. Don’t count your warm up and cool down time, but rather the hard work part of the class.)
To reach 100 miles you will need to average about 3 miles a day. TOTALLY do-able! Just stay focused and get moving!

It is amazing how having this goal in your head can keep you more accountable and committed to staying active during the busy holiday season. Don’t let excuses like it’s too dark out, it’s too cold out, I’m too tired, or I’m too busy get in the way of you doing something to log those miles! It is a great accomplishment you will be proud of!
Use the hashtag #habitudeholiday to check in on social media!
Your Trainer,

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