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Christmas Habitudes: Plan.

It’s here!
We just wrapped up a beautiful Thanksgiving here in Chicagoland and now it is time for the season of ultimate love, lights, giving, and parties. The holidays really are fun, but for many they are also very busy and very stressful. Over eating, over spending, and family issues can cause people much anxiety. When my life gets busy, stressful, or if there are things going on that are out of my control, I have found that focusing on something I can control, like my diet and my workouts, actually creates peace amidst the chaos! new plan

For many, when life gets busy, cutting the workouts or reaching for cheap and easy junk food seems like an appropriate response. But I can tell you, it’s not! Eating junk will make you feel worse, sleep terrible, and reach for more junk. A lack of sleep will lead to a lack of energy, productivity, patience, and health. Making time for a quick workout, even before you leave the house for the day or head out to a cookie exchange can save you! It can help you work through any holiday stress or work frustrations, burn those extra sugar cookie calories, and help you rest better at night. In other words, now is not the time to slack off! If anything, it’s ramp it up by prioritizing!

Your first Christmas habitude to adopt is to PLAN. Take a look at your calendar right NOW and schedule:
At least 3 structured workouts a week. Be specific. For example, (type or write) down exactly what work out you plan to do. Set reminders as well.
Attend spin class at 5:30.
Walk on lunch break.

Complete Cassie’s Holiday HIIT workout in the living room before work.
Ultimate Holiday AMRAP

Look at ALL of the parties and events you have coming up:
Volunteering at kids’ school party.
Company party.
Cookie exchange with the ladies.
Neighborhood progressive dinner.
Double date at that new restaurant.
Then, make a note with each event to focus on a clean eating habitude: 
Focus on green veggies today! 
Drink half of my body weight in ounces of water. Drink a glass of H2O after every holiday cocktail!
Plan to have dessert tonight. No sugar today until then!

Pick 1 hour a week to reflect specifically on this special time of year:
Schedule this time in! It’s only an hour (but more is great too!), and your soul will thank you! You don’t want the season to pass you by without this habitude.
You can do this in 10 minute segments every day, or set aside a whole hour for one day, whatever works for you. As life gets busier, we tend to rest less which makes life more hectic. Put your time of Christmas solitude, prayer, and mediation, in the calendar. I promise you’ll be glad you did!

More healthy holiday habitudes to come!
Let me know your PLAN!

Your Trainer,

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