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Sweat! But Don’t Sweat the Holidays!

I know I sound like an old fart when I say this, but I really can not believe it is time for Thanksgiving! Time totally flies just like they told me! Have you given any thoughts to our holiday giving challenge? The amazing thing about giving is that you go into it thinking you are really helping, serving, and making someone’s day. And although that usually happens, you may be surprised to find out that YOU will be the one who feels truly blessed. The high you receive from service towards others is like none other. Be sure to share your story with me if you accept the challenge!winter

Recently, I have talked to several fitness friends who are nervous about all of the upcoming food festivities. While walking and thinking about what to blog about for my Thanksgiving post, I decided to VLOG on the spot about my thoughts on this topic!

VLOG take-a-ways:
1. Don’t make excuses. Do something! I don’t have time for it can often mean, it’s not a priority. And yes, a 10 minute HIIT routine in the living room or a leisurely walk DOES burn fat! Woohoo! Make it happen!
2. Don’t give in to the What The Heck Effect. Read more about that here!
3. ENJOY! My goal is to teach my daughter to love kale AND make and enjoy homemade chocolate chips cookies with real butter. Balance! Don’t be on a diet. Enjoy food where and when it is appropriate. The 80/20 principal for clean eating during the holidays is the key to no stress success.

Next, grab a Butterball, a baby, or anything with a little weight to it and complete this Turkey Leg and Thigh Workout! Here is a demo video!

Turkey thigh workoutI am so grateful this year. Thank you for checking in, and HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

Your Trainer,

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