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Try it Thursday: AMRAP Workout!

Throughout the week I do a number of Habitude Fitness training sessions and boot camps outside of my class schedule at the gym. These participants absolutely make my day. They want a good butt-kicking and have an honesty and positivity that many people forget to bring to a workout
DSC_5245-2-3122290085-OSo when the training facility that I train in needed to close down for a couple of weeks for renovations and then for a DVD shoot, we were feeling a little lost. I do however have this group of peeps in a private group on Facebook, so we were all able to stay connected and accountable. Here we post workout meetups, interesting articles, healthy recipes, challenges, and offer accountability. (Think of starting a private group with your friends for health and fitness!) Luckily we have had some unseasonably warm weather during our unexpected break! We have been able to train outside a few times and meet up for runs in the park. I also posted a few workouts in our Facebook group for them to complete while we were away. Go ahead and try these workouts when a roadblock to your fitness routine comes at ya! Just make a little time, and make it work!

In this AMRAP (“as many rounds as possible”) workout I will only demo the move for about 4 reps or so. For the actual workout, you will do each move for 12 reps and then start over again and again until your timer is up at 20 minutes!


Use this as a bonus round this week and see how many rounds you can get in 10 minutes after a walk or run!
Your Trainer,


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