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What About All That Candy?!

I love celebrating the end of October with the sweetness of yummy treats and kids dressing up. These days it seems like adults are getting more into the festivities with great costumes, parties, and good eats for friends and neighbors.This is all in good fun, but as your trainer and friend, I have to remind you that NOW through the New Year people start packing on the holiday pounds…and it all starts with the Halloween candy!

Now…I LOVE candy. It is my kryptonite! I can’t have yummy fun-sized chocolates around. The temptation is just too much! So believe me when I say, I can relate to the deep seed NEED of diving head first into the Halloween bucket to find a fun-sized Snickers! Candy is a treat no doubt, but before you decided to indulge, check out this quick video on some of the worst candy choices. It may make you reconsider all that sugar.

So perhaps you have indulged in a few sweet treats and are now ready to get that candy out of sight and out of mind. Mommy Poppins has some great links in this blog on what to do with all of that candy. I love these great ideas!

I don’t know about you, but the more sugar I eat, the more I want. It’s best if we just steer clear of this addictive, fattening, mind-altering drug! I love candy too…but you know, and I know, it’s just not a good habitude.

Your Trainer,

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