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Try it Thursday: Hills and Your Happy Place!

What a great Fall we have had! (I had a dream last night that winter came and I was crying, true story, so I knew I needed to take advantage of another day where I could be outside!)

Fall running views…

My happy place has a neighborhood very nearby with a good-sized incline. I walked pushing the stroller and dog down to the lake, (about 2 miles), and did 10 hill SPRINTS up the incline (pushing that stroller!) and walked down the hill each time. I walked home with the sun peeking in and out of the clouds, and soaked in the fresh crisp air. I bundled Baby Georgie up and she slept the whole time! Those bumpy sidewalks always lull her to sleep…

So, why incorporate hills into your training? Walking or running…check out these great references if you need some convincing!
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Hill Running 101: How to Take Your Running to New Heights

That hill doesn't look too bad, but it was a brutal workout!

That hill doesn’t look too bad, but it was a brutal workout!

My Happy Place

My Happy Place

I know everyone gets a little Fall crazy around here with pumpkin flavored everything, hoodies, and football season. And I like it too! But, I just love being outside, always have…so it’s hard for this summer girl not to dread those cold months that are quickly approaching the Mid-West. I am hoping for absolutely NO POLAR VORTEX this year!!  What an amazing Fall we have had. Such a gift! I hope you can take your workouts outside as long as possible! Even if you have to bundle up a bit, get out there. There is nothing like a workout in the fresh air.

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