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My Favorite Habitudes to Practice for a Healthy Life!

If you like all things health, fitness, or wellness related, you may be like me and feel a little overwhelmed with all of the new recommendations, super foods, disease prevention tips, diet fads, and fitness trends thrown your way. Even if you’re not all that into it, you may turn on the morning news and feel bombarded with yet another; do this, studies show, and how Beyonce’ rocks those curves. Ugh. No thanks. I want concrete resources to tell me how to adapt sustainable habitudes for the long haul. Nothing fancy, just what works! Here are a few of my personal favorite resources, trends, and super foods!DSC_1859-2201014598-O

Researching for a blog post, a client, or for personal reasons, I have a few trusted resources on the web that I turn to. You can find anything out there to support any idea, so I find that looking to trusted sources is a must.
Mayo Clinic
Dr. Ann Wellness

What I have found in 15 years of fitness involvement is that things may get fancier, new equipment may be introduced, and late night infomercials will carry on. They all promise great results and the perfect body.

No matter what program you choose, a workout is a workout. Just find something you enjoy and do it with improvements in health as your ultimate goal! Here are some of my favorite trends to get you going.
Hot Yoga
Food journal apps
On demand home workouts
Spotify (Be sure to follow Habitude Fitness for great workout playlists!)
Instagram (So many inspiring fitness, health, and foodie accounts to motivate you! But BEWARE! You are constantly looking at people’s highlights and comparing them to your everyday. Use social media for motivation, not for comparison!)
Super foods: I don’t feel like there is enough hours in a day for me to consume all of the healthy eats that are recommended! Therefore, I try to take a look at my week and make sure that from start to finish my meals and snacks contain a variety of bright beautiful colors, alternating protein sources, limited healthy grains, and healthy fats. There are however a few super foods I eat daily. I provided links to tell you why these foods are SO powerful to eat daily!
Coconut Oil (I use coconut oil in cooking, baking, in smoothies, and as a great skin care product! Ladies, try taking your eye make-up off with it tonight!)
Leafy greenskale

Habitudes for other areas of wellness:
Tend to your spirit (This habitude is constantly changing for me. My needs to feel spiritually well change, and a check in and adjustment is often needed. I even have my personal training clients create a plan on how they are going to tend to their spirit over the weeks we train together.)
Challenge your mind (This takes effort and looks different for each of us. Turn the TV off more and invest some free time in growth!)
Work on good sleep hygiene (Sleep is serious! Believe it or not, when the brain is scanned and someone has been chronically sleep deprived it looks similar to if they had used drugs! Value sleep!!)
Check in with your relationships (Spouse, siblings, friends, or co-workers…how are you doing? Are you people pleasing, disengaged, feeling left out, or constantly annoyed? Evaluate what’s really going on and make some changes to get to a healthier place!)
Get checked out regularly. LISTEN to your body!! It talks to you! (To the Women I Love, To the Men I Care About)DSC_5273-3122291693-OThere is SO much out there, and we can often feel a fear when getting started. We may be afraid to fail, so we don’t even begin. However, if you pick a few good habits and stick to them most of the time, you will see great results. What are some of your daily habits and attitudes around health?

Your Trainer,

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  • Boy I know it – if you scanned my brain you’d figure I hadn’t slept in weeks. And I definitely haven’t done any drugs, so that can only mean…

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