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Yup…I missed a post!

I missed my Monday post. (I have been working on one, but it just wasn’t ready!) And then I didn’t even publish anything for Check in Tuesday. And here it is Wednesday night…


"I love to workout. Just kidding. I take naps!"

“I love to workout. Just kidding…I take naps!”

I don’t want to be on my phone or computer right now when Georgie is awake. I love spending her awake time interacting with her! Even if she is content and playing by herself, I don’t want her to grow up seeing me with my phone in my face, or laptop distracting me. My phone is on silent during the day, so that I don’t respond to every ding and alert (it’s a knee jerk reaction, right?!), and my laptop only comes out during naps and in the evening. So, with this habitude, I assume I will be late on some posts every now and then. Oh well…life is good!

Try it Thursday is done for tomorrow! Woohoo!

Your Trainer,

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